Inside This Year’s $100K Oscars Gift Bag

A little while ago, we gave you a look inside this year’s Grammy gift bag, valued at around $20,000 USD. Impressive? Yes. But practically trinkets and chump change compared to what the Academy Awards had to offer. So much so that I think the talent behind Lady Bird won’t really mind the snub. Here are some of the most notable items inside the lavish freebie collection from this year’s festivities: 

  • A twelve night holiday for two in Tanzania  – $40,000 USD+
    courtesy of International Expeditions, this getaway includes spa services, a hot air balloon ride, and a private safari guide.
  • A week long stay at Golden Door spa, San Diego $8,850 USD
    because this lifestyle can obviously be very taxing; this also appeared in the Grammy gift bag.
  • A six night stay at Koala Landing Resort, Hawaii$4,400 USD
    two bedroom villa views over the ocean.
  • Year’s supply of Healing Saint skin serum and hair follicle stimulant $2,300 USD
    gotta take care of the money maker.
  • Charitable donation on their behalf for 10,000 meals to an animal shelter/rescue centre$8,000 USD
    there’s nothing more high-end than a bit of good karma. 

Other items include a levitating Bluetooth speaker, a DNA testing kit (weird but OK), an entire assortment of grooming products, a diamond necklace (also kind of weird, but OK), and plenty more.

They can’t all be $40,000 holidays, but they certainly will be appreciated.