Oliver Peoples & Brunello Cucinelli Collaborate In A Range Of Refined Eyewear

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The upper echelons of eyewear have linked with clean Italian luxury, in a newly announced collaboration between Oliver Peoples and Brunello Cucinelli. Executed with the expert craftsmanship you’d expect from Oliver Peoples, and the artisan focus of Brunello Cucinelli, the new collection offers tweaks to the classics in a refined study of casual elegance.

Oliver Peoples brings more than three decades of experience making eyewear in the sun-soaked regions of Southern California, while for Brunello Cucinelli, this collaboration is the first foray into eyewear for the brand. Not only is it the first time Brunello Cucinelli has had a hand in glasses design, but it’s the first time the brand has ever worked in collaboration with another brand, making it an exciting experiment for the Solomeo based clothing firm.

The collaboration aims to fuse the combined decades of accumulated craftsmanship between the two brands, with a contemporary collection of designs that pay tribute to this history. The new collection also seeks to communicate some of the beauty of the landscapes in which Brunello Cucinelli and Oliver Peoples are based, with the collection campaign shot in an Italian-inspired vineyard in Malibu.

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The collaboration presents a suite of styles to match any taste, including the aviator inspired Disoriano, the thickly cut acetate frames of the Filu and the dynamic Artemio frames. Specifically, the Artemio frames cater for both optical and shaded lenses with a clip-on attachment.

All counted, the collaboration features five different designs, which ooze the curated feeling only a bold set of frames can offer. With a unique fusion of modern Hollywood opulence and central-Italian classicism, we just hope this collaboration is a taste of more to come.

The collection is currently available online, with prices ranging between US$380 (AU$520) and US$1,500 (AU$2,070).

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