Prada Links With Frank Ocean’s Jewellery Brand Homer In Latest Collaboration

Homer Prada

After being teased for a couple of years, Frank Ocean finally launched his jewellery business Homer last month. Now, Prada has tapped the fledgling brand for its latest collaboration project, in a collection that was first teased in the 84-page Homer launch catalogue.

The collection is called Prada for Homer 1, and is the first official project between Ocean and the famed Italian fashion house. While it might be the first collaboration, Frank Ocean has been a vocal supporter of the current Prada Co-Creative Director, Raf Simons, and it’s unlikely to be the last collection between them.

The collection is relatively narrow in its width, only featuring three pieces. The first is a Prada anorak jacket, which Frank Ocean has personal connection to after he wore a black Prada anorak to the 2019 Met Gala, doing his best security guard impression in the process. The other two items are a backpack and a belt bag, both with a colourful psychedelic sheen to them.

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It’s exciting that Homer is maintaining the momentum it built at launch, already announcing a high profile collaboration to it’s already enigmatic catalogue. At launch, Homer offered a 25-piece jewellery collection that ranged in price from around $530 for the entry point to the brand, up to $2.5 million for the most exclusive high-jewellery piece.

At launch, Ocean didn’t pull punches when he stated his intention for the brand, saying, “I didn’t want our work to be any less expensive than Cartier.” While it might not be the French jewellery firm he’s working with at the moment, Prada is a collaborative partner that not only makes sense for Ocean personally, but elevates Homer as an equal.

Now, if you’re keen to cop anything from the new collection, it isn’t as simple as smashing that “Add to Cart” button. No, just like the rest of the Homer jewellery collection, you are only able to purchase it either by visiting the Homer store in New York, or by hitting up the brand via Signal (yes, the encrypted messaging service).

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