Introducing The Shoal Tent: A Tent That Floats

Introducing The Shoal Tent: A Tent That Floats

Tired of camping like a regular slave to the land? Haunted by the burning desire to spice up ordinary nature dwellings? Ever wish you could rest on a waterbed, without all the tacky and greasy connotations? Well good news. There’s now a solution for these three conveniently relevant scenarios.

SmithFly’s Shoal Tent is equal measures boat and tent. This is a rather interesting concept as far as camping equipment goes. And it’s one that is extremely practical, when you consider the fact that it eliminates any need to search for a flat surface. You can set up proverbial shop virtually anywhere.

Weighing seventy-five pounds and holding dimensions of eight foot by eight foot by six foot three, the tent is supported by air as opposed to poles via circulation tubes. This can apparently be powered manually through a foot pump.

When completely set up, this floating creation can support up to four people of average weight. Consequently, its inhabitants are separated from the surface of whatever water body has been elected for hibernation by six inches of air. As for the physical structure, the tent walls and top cover are all attached to the frame by standard hook-and-loop straps. The frame is said to be capable of “… [standing] up to high winds without a problem.”

The Shoal Tent is currently retailing for $1,499 USD. It’s a little steep, but the price is expected to decrease with time. And for the happy campers out there that actually feel so inclined, you can order one by drifting on over here.