Walk Without Fear This Wet Season Thanks To The Umbrella Rain Poncho

Umbrella Rain Poncho

Australia’s east coast – particularly Sydney and Melbourne – has been going through it lately in terms of wet weather, and if the latest forecast is anything to go by, will continue to cop some decent rainfall for the better part of this coming week. As usual, the solution to all our everyday problems lies in good old fashioned Japanese innovation – this time being the 2-in-1 Umbrella Rain Poncho.

The fully-functional, weather-ready accessory is exactly what it sounds like. In its more conventional form, you have an umbrella that’s slightly larger than average to be used during light rain. When shit gets a bit heavier, and in the event you’re lugging around some groceries or whatnot that requires the use of both hands, you can shorten the handle, remove the six caps found on the canopy, and deploy a hood that’ll enable poncho-like wearing, as well as an extra flap to cover the back. In short, versatile protection from rain.

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“Sudden rain. I have a folding umbrella. But heavy rain can get my baggage and the backpack on my back wet,” reads a translation of the product description.

“A folding umbrella is born to survive the sudden rain! It’s okay if both hands are occupied by baggage!
Because this folding umbrella can even be used as a rain poncho!” 

“Even if you don’t carry a rain poncho separately, this is a dual role [item]… You can easily transform it according to the purpose, so you can rest assured on the go.”

Japan’s ingenious 2-in-1 Umbrella Rain Poncho weighs approximately 352 grams and is now available to purchase for just ¥2,980 (AU$36). Style points sold separately.

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