Wild & Wolf Table Tennis Game Set Transforms Furniture Into Fun

Despite how many of you may feel about COVID-19 lockdown, this has been a remarkable exercise in finding out what can be done – and with varying degrees of creativity – without leaving the confines of your home. The latest BH discovery is the Wild & Wolf Table Tennis Game Set; a retractable net kit complete with paddles and balls to turn any table into a ping pong station.

Those of you who were considering bulky shipments of expensive and unwieldy fold-up equipment need not worry anymore. Because this portable little offering will do the same job for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the hassle. Best of all, when you inevitably get bored of teaching the resident PP scrub a lesson in how to take a paddlin’ punishment, you can just pack it away in a box and slide it under the couch.

The Wild & Wolf Table Tennis Game Set comes with one (1) retractable net that spans up to 153 centimetres, two (2) ping pong paddles, and three (3) balls. And while the stylish Wild & Wolf colour palette is something you’d ideally keep consistent, in a pinch, I’m sure third party paddles and balls would be welcome additions to the mix for a hearty round of doubles.

Sold on the idea? You can order one for yourself here at Amazon for just $53.31 (free delivery included).