This Is What It Takes To Get Noticed In Dubai These Days

This Is What It Takes To Get Noticed In Dubai These Days

There are some things in life that appeal to everyone.

One of those things is having the ability to fly. Just simply being able to go from one place to another under the power of one’s own wings is a childhood dream of many. Yves Rossy, 55, labelled ‘the Jetman’, is living that dream.

Rossy first developed his wing-suit, made from a backpack equipped with semi-rigid aeroplane-type carbon-fibre wings in 2008. The wings span about 2.4 metres, powered by four Jet-Cat P200 jet engines.

In Rossy’s latest flight he has teamed up with a younger version of himself, Vince Reffet, 30. The pair of pilots have taken Dubai by storm with a ten minute flight through the remarkable Dubai skyline, rolling desert and crystal blue waters.

Reffet, followed in the footsteps of Rossy after reading about the flying pioneer in a magazine. Reffet having been born into a family that had a passion for skydiving was instantly drawn to becoming his own Jetman. The chance to begin this process came roughly five years ago after meeting Rossy while developing a set of wing prototypes.

Fast forward to 2015 and the pair have made the claim that this is the first twin human formation flight in the history of aviation.

Together their mission is to bring the ability to fly to the public, in much the same way as the Jetson’s.

I wonder if they’ve got room for another wingman?