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Stay Sharp With The Best Razors For Men In 2024
— Updated on 29 December 2023

Stay Sharp With The Best Razors For Men In 2024

— Updated on 29 December 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

If you work in a corporate or smart casual office for your nine-to-five, chances are you can’t walk through the door looking like you’ve just gotten back from a tropical holiday with your rotund friend Wilson. This means looking sharp isn’t a choice, but a necessity, which is why it’s important to know what the best razors for men are so you can enjoy a great close shave every morning.

Despite how common it is for men to need a grooming routine before work each day, the familiar excuse of sensitive skin is often rolled out as a reason to leave the razor blades in the cupboard. While skin sensitivity is a legitimate problem for many men and women, either caused by genetics or allergic reactions to the chemicals in shaving creams, soaps or after-shave balm, you can take steps to avoid the classic itching, burning, redness and dry skin that is common to experience after a close shave.

The main way to mitigate irritated skin is to think carefully about all the products you use while shaving, from the razor blades and the shaving gel to any moisturiser or lotion you might apply after the shave. If the razors you’re using aren’t working, don’t be afraid to test different razor blades and see if the result is any different, with the same going for creams and lotions. Let’s get into a few of the best razor blades on the market at the moment.

Best Razors For Men

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The Best Razors For Men

Gillette SkinGuard Razor

Best Razors For Men

Gillette is a well-known name in the world of razor blades and shaving gel for good reason, and its SkinGuard Razor is specifically designed to reduce irritation that can make shaving hard to get excited about. With each Gillette blade evenly spaced to minimise tugging against your face and a slightly pivoting head to evenly distribute pressure, this is a solid everyday Gillette razor that is lightweight and easy to travel with.

Schick Double Edge Razor

Best Razors For Men

The way things look matters, which is why the Double Edge Razor from Schick is compelling as a classy razor that isn’t as expensive as many of the other options on the market. Featuring a premium steel handle and a shaving experience that’s more like a traditional barber shop shave, there’s a lot on offer here that a Schick Hydro won’t quite provide. With replaceable razor blades that can be swapped out via a butterfly opening mechanism, you might even look forward to shaving if this blade was sitting next to your sink.

Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor

Best Razors For Men

If you’re after a seriously premium set of razor blades, then the Gillette GilletteLabs Heated Razor is here to ensure the easy comfort of a hot towel shave with the push of every stroke. This Gillette pushes the price range up a little, but with five of the best razor blades that Gillette has to offer and your choice of either 43°C or 50°C at the push of a button, it does the job in a way that most razors can’t. Grooming is meant to be about enjoyment for men and women, which is why the blades of the GilletteLabs Heated Razor are a luxury that matters.

Wahl Traditional Barbers Adjustable Safety Razor

Another set of razor blades that steps things up in class is the Adjustable Safety Razor from Wahl’s Traditional Barbers division, featuring a handle designed for comfortable shaving and quality razors for a close shave. The handle can be turned to adjust the razor blade width, allowing for different types of shaving from the six different blade settings and also arrives with a guard to protect the razor blades when they aren’t in use. Not all razors were created equal and these blades are better than most.

Schick Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate Razor

Best Razors For Men

One of the most popular razors for people with dry-type skin is the Schick Hydro 5 Sense Hydrate Razor, loved for its pivoting head and the seven hydrating gel pools that each blade head arrives with. Each razor head of the Schick Hydro comes complete with five individual blades, as well as a dynamic pivot that absorbs any excess pressure that might cause irritation, delivering a great shave every time.

Proraso Wooden Shavette Razor

Last, but certainly not least, is a razor that needs to be approached with careful caution, but can see excellent results. Most commonly seen in films these days, the iconic straight razor is straightforward to use and even easier to clean, with the Italian-made Proraso Wooden Shavette Razor providing a great entry point to this traditional type of blade. Featuring an ergonomic walnut wooden handle, the high-quality stainless steel razor blade folds into the handle for safe storage and puts more common razors to shame when it comes to the closeness of the shave.

What is the best razor brand for men?

There are a number of the best razor brand for men out there, but the best is Gillette and Schick.

Which shaving blade is best for men?

The best shaving blade for you depends on the type of skin and facial hair you have, but blades from Gillette and Schick are very reliable.

Is it 5 blades better for shaving?

Yes. The more blades you have, the smoother the shave you will experience.

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