Louis Vuitton Unveils Its First Fragrances For Men

Louis Vuitton Unveils Its First Fragrances For Men

Louis Vuitton has just unveiled its first collection of fragrances for men, two years on from when the fashion house debuted its seven scent perfume range for women. A perfume range that has since found great success in the wider public.

“Les Parfums” consists of five fragrances that supposedly, “… [pays] homage to the adventurer on a quest for self-revelation…”. A bit dramatic and overly sentimental for a grooming product, but whatever moves units, I suppose. All is fair in commerce and copywriting. 

In terms of a more tangible description, the five fragrances are “… perfumes that a woman, or a man, would love to smell on a man…”, according to master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. I like that tagline a little better than the first one, how about you?

The bottles will feature the very same look as the the women’s arrangement, both designed by Marc Newson in order to keep a consistent aesthetic. And yes, each one will be stamped with a silver LV logo so all you flexers out there won’t be robbed of any opportunities. Play ball, lads. 

As a latecomer to the scent game, Louis Vuitton does have some work to do. Though given their status and international respect for the brand, “catching up”, as it were, will not be a difficult task. 

Check out the full range in the gallery above.