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From letting you know the best men’s skincare brands worth paying attention to, rounding up the best men’s colognes and perfumes on the market, here is everything you’re going to need to be putting your best face forward at all times and complete grooming routine with the gusto of a man ageing gracefully, rather than prematurely.

Victoria Bitter fragrance longneck Thirst A Scent By VB

Victoria Bitter Up The Ante With A Longneck Version Of Its Fragrance

Once again giving the people what they want, Victoria Bitter has released a longneck version of its best-selling fragrance: Thirst,…

Ford Fragrance Mach Eau

Ford Creates ‘Mach-Eau’ Gasoline Fragrance For The Real Petrolheads Out There

Car enthusiast or not, there’s something undeniably curious about the smell of petrol. On paper, it shouldn’t appeal to our…

skincare american

Top Men’s Skincare Brands To Build An Age-Defying Routine [2022 Guide]

As men push into their 30s, it becomes easier to tell who takes care of their skin, and who doesn’t….


Introducing Aesop Othertopias: A New Trio Of Unorthodox Fragrances

This month Aesop announced the launch of Othertopias, a trio of Eaux de Parfum designed to “reveal another view of…

X 2

4 Common Grooming Concerns Men Face & The Best Solutions To Fix Them

Historically, the idea of professional skincare treatments has been something mainly targeted towards women. But now, men are finding benefits…

Fusion DIssey Extreme Perfume

Issey Miyake’s Iconic Fusion D’Issey Levels Up With New ‘Extreme’

It hasn’t even been a year since its debut, but one of the best men’s perfumes in recent memory, Issey…

Hairhouse Manscaped Manscaping

The Manscaping Tools Every Bloke Needs In Their Grooming Routine

‘Manscaping’ is the latest buzzword in men’s self-care – referring to trimming, shaving, and grooming a man’s body hair to…

best hotel bathrooms

21 Best Hotel Bathrooms In The World For Sophisticated Solitude

What sits behind the best hotel bathrooms in the world? High-end amenities, pillow-soft bathrobes, sculptural bathtubs, rainfall showers, the materials,…

Ambergris is a fixture of the perfume industry

Ambergris: Why ‘Whale Vomit’ Is So Highly Valued In Perfumery

If you’re walking along a beach one day and find some Ambergris, a hardened, waxy substance with a complex aroma,…

The Undisputed 17 Best Barbers In Sydney

Where to go for a slick cut or a straight razor shave.

The Best Men’s Shaving Subscription Services In Australia

Long gone are the days of walking into Chemist Warehouse and paying $30 for a pack of blades to keep…

Everything You Need To Know About Men’s Fragrances

Think smelling a lily-white David Jones card is all it takes to decide on the right fragrance for you? Think…