55+ Of The Best French Crop Haircuts In 2024
— Updated on 30 April 2024

55+ Of The Best French Crop Haircuts In 2024

— Updated on 30 April 2024
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

Turn heads and save time in front of the bathroom mirror with the best French crop haircuts for men. This timeless style has been in vogue for decades yet is still seen on movie screens and red carpets today, mainly because it looks great and is well-loved by men and women alike.

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55+ Of The Best French Crop Haircuts For Men

1. Classic French Crop

french crop men
Image: @morganlugo_

A classic or traditional French crop is one of the best men’s haircuts going in 2024. The classic French crop cut features short hair on the sides of the head with a fringe that extends over the forehead. The crown of the head is longer than the sides, helping to elongate the face by drawing the eye upwards. This low-maintenance haircut works well for straight or wavy hair and is an incredible way to add a dose of classic style to your daily look, which is why the classic French crop is so popular around the world.

2. Disconnected French Crop

french crop

A disconnected French crop features tightly faded hair on the sides and long hair on top. This interesting hairstyle stands out from the classic look because the barber shaves a distinct line to separate the longer hair on top from the faded sides, creating two distinct lengths. A disconnected French crop suits men with all hair types, no matter if you’ve got straight, curly, wavy, or any other kind of hair. 

3. Textured French Crop

french crop men
Image: @charlieculleneducation

A textured French crop is an amazing style choice for men with medium-length hair because it looks clean and professional yet is also relaxed enough for after-work drinks. This look is very similar to a traditional French crop, but instead of an evenly cut top layer, a textured French crop features a layered fringe and top hair. The layers give this style texture and sometimes feature a lighter hair colour on the tips to add slight contrast between the upper and lower layers for further dimension. 

4. Straight French Crop

french crop men
Image: @kevinluchmun

A straight French crop is similar to a crew cut, but the hair on top is longer. With this style, the sides and back are faded or cut low, while the hair on the crown of the head is slightly longer. The fringe has a blunt cut so that the hairline extends over the forehead in a straight line. This hairstyle also works well with any type of beard style and suits men with straight hair best. 

5. Short French Crop

french crop men
Image: @strong_arm_steady_barbershop

The short French crop haircut takes the classic style and shortens it. This look is the best option for men who don’t have much hair or have thin hair because it’s essentially a buzz cut with slightly more length to the hair on top, which is one reason why the short French crop is loved. 

The high skin fade on the sides, and point-cut fringe at the front of the short French crop makes this attractive-looking hairstyle suitable for all hair types because it’s short and easy to maintain. If that wasn’t enough, the short French crop is also quite popular because it requires minimal styling.  

6. French Crop Undercut

french crop

A French crop undercut is one of the best fade haircuts for men who want a healthy and luscious-looking head of hair. With this French crop hairstyle, the hair on top is kept medium-length while the sides and back are faded or shaved (not quite a skin fade) to create a clear distinction between the sides and crown. This style works best for men with almost any kind of hair, no matter if it’s straight, wavy, or curly. 

7. Curly French Crop

french crop

Men with curls can also enjoy the stylish look of a French crop cut. The curly French crop mid-fade is similar to the classic French crop but takes natural curls into consideration. With this hairdo, the sides and back of the head are faded, while the curly hair on the crown adds texture and dimension. This style works with both long and short curls because the long curls can drape over the sides and be tucked behind the ears if necessary.

8. Long French Crop

french crop men
Image: @charlieculleneducation

The long French crop cut is one of the best long hairstyles that’s perfect for the summer (similar to the messy French crop). Like the classic style, this haircut trims down the sides and back of the head but keeps the hair on the crown long and luscious. You can rock the long French crop with straight or wavy hair or tie the growth into a man bun for a man bun undercut. 

9. Blonde Textured Crop

french crop men
Image: @morganlugo_

The blonde textured crop is another rendition of the classic French crop cut with a more natural texture than the original look. While the sides and back of the head are cut lower than the crown, the hair on top of the head is cut slightly choppy for a textured look that adds volume and dimension. This hairstyle is best suited to men with blonde hair or someone who wants to lighten their natural hair colour. That said, any hair type can replicate this look.

10. Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut

The French crop often gets confused with the Caesar cut because the two are similar yet have an important distinction between them. The Caesar cut features a shorter fringe than the French crop. Typically a Caesar cut has a blunt bang that’s slightly extended past the hairline, while French crop hairstyles play around with the length of the fringe. This iconic hairdo was made famous by Julius Caesar and is frequently seen on coins and statues depicting the Roman leader. 

11. Point Cut

The point-cut hairstyle is an exciting adaptation of the textured crop because it adds even more texture for a dramatic manly look that’ll turn heads. With the point cut, the sides and back are cut short while the hair on the crown is kept longer. The long hair up top and the long fringe can then be cut to be choppy and textured, possibly styled with hair gel to accentuate the points. This style works best for men with medium-length straight or wavy hair. 

12. Sharp Crop

A sharp crop haircut is an amazing hairstyle for anyone who wants the French crop style with something extra. This hairdo features long hair on the crown and a sharp fade on the sides and back. Instead of tapering the fade to gradually get longer, this look has a clear line on the sides where the shaved area meets longer hair before reaching the longest part of the crown.

The fringe on a sharp French crop top is kept medium-length so that it extends over the forehead. This look is best suited for men with straight, wavy, or curly hair. 

13. Blunt Cut Fringe

While the classic French crop style features a fringe, the blunt fringe style has a fringe more reminiscent of the Caesar style. The sides and back of the head are shaved or tapered, while the top is left longer than the rest. Meanwhile, the fringe is cut into a straight line to frame the face and draw the eye upwards. The blunt-cut fringe hairstyle works for all hair types and pairs well with various beard styles. 

14. French Crop Fade

French Crop Fade

The French crop fade is one of the best ways to incorporate faded hair with longer hair. The sides and back of the head have a tight fade so that the hair gradually gets longer before reaching the crown. The fringe with this look is reminiscent of a quiff hairstyle with a windblown look achieved with styling products or a blow dryer. 

15. Messy French Crop

Image: @jovaras_mazrimas_jay

16. Long Cropped Cut

17. Short Spiky Textured French Crop

french crop men
Image: @charlieculleneducation

18. Quiffed Bang

19. Disconnected Undercut French Crop

Disconnected Undercut French Crop

20. Side Styled Fringe

21. Clean Skin Fade

22. French Crop Mullet

french crop men
Image: @jovaras_photography

23. Drop Fade Textured Crop

24. French Waves

french crop men
Image: @brenmop

25. Side Swept Crop

Image: @cedricterrell

26. French Crop Comb Over

27. French Dyed Crop

28. Clean Blunt Bang

29. Angular Fringe

30. French Crop For Receding Hairline

31. Crop Top Low Fade

32. Front V-Shaped Textured French Crop

33. Overlayed French Crop

Image: @strong_arm_steady_barbershop

34. Full Choppy Bangs Taper Fade

Image: @jovaras_photography

35. Asymmetrical French Crop Fade

Image: @pancruu

36. Wispy Textured French Crop

french crop

37. Medium-Length Bangs and Taper Fade

Image: @strong_arm_steady_barbershop

38. Temp Fade Undercut with Spiky Bangs

french crop

39. Layered High and Tight Taper Fade

french crop

40. Grungy French Crop Fringe

french crop

41. Textured Curly Bowl Cut

Image: @charlieculleneducation

42. French Cut With Mid Fade

french crop

43. Undercut Dome

french crop

44. Two-Texture Punk Rock Crop

french crop

45. Messy Top & Angular Fringe

french crop

46. Cropped Haircut With Spikes

french crop

47. Layered Cropped Hair

french crop

48. School Boy Crop

49. High Fade

50. Crop Top With Wing

51. Half-Dyed Crop

french crop

52. Long French Crop With High Fade

french crop

53. Fauxhawk Fade Undercut

54. Low Fade With Dyed Tips

55. French Crop Haircut With Ear Tuck

French Crop Haircuts for Men Tips & Tricks

So what is the French crop? French crop hairstyles feature long hair on top, shorter hair on the back and sides, and sometimes with a longer fringe. Typically, the sides and back of the head are faded to draw attention upwards to a full head of healthy or thick hair, as well as to keep your neckline clean and sharp.

A French crop hairstyle is an ideal choice for any face shape or hair type. Whether you have natural curls or straight or thick hair, this look is sure to make you feel confident in any environment. What’s more, this low-maintenance do requires almost no styling, meaning you can look presentable for a job interview or a first date without spending hours grooming. A literal no-lose hairstyle.

Here are some of the best tips and tricks to maintain your French crop haircut to ensure you’re looking sharp and clean every time you step out of the house. 

1. Make Friends With Your Barber

A French crop haircut is a low-maintenance hairstyle, but you can avoid unpleasant hair mistakes by regularly visiting your barber. The best way to upkeep your look is to get trims once every two or three weeks to ensure your style stays fresh and even. While you’re at the barber, be sure your beard also receives some upkeep to complete the look. 

2. Use Hair Products

Hair products like hairspray and hair gel are an easy way to maintain your French crop and style it how you prefer. For example, if you want a textured look, use hair gel to mould your locks into place. 

3. Blow Dry Instead Of Air Dry

Certain styles of a French crop are easiest to recreate by using a blow dryer and round bristle brush instead of air drying your hair after a shower. Use this handy bathroom tool to create a windblown look that looks professional, clean, and stylish. 

4. Use A Flat Iron

A flat iron is the easiest way to style your French crop if you have wavy or curly hair and want to achieve a smooth, straight, and slick look. Be sure to use heat-protecting hair products to avoid damaging your hair if you straighten it frequently. 

french crop

Did you find this list helpful? Check out some of our other grooming guides.

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