Victoria Bitter Up The Ante With A Longneck Version Of Its Fragrance

Victoria Bitter fragrance longneck Thirst A Scent By VB

Once again giving the people what they want, Victoria Bitter has released a longneck version of its best-selling fragrance: Thirst, A Scent By VB.

The bottles of liquid sex first hit shelves around the country a year ago, almost to the day, sending shockwaves across all corners of the internet. And now, in defiance of the sentiment that you can have too much of a good thing, they’ve doubled the original 75ml offering to a far more substantial 150ml.

Crafted with “premium perfume oil” along with the “essence of Australia Super Pride hops” used in VB itself, the fragrance supposedly entails a refreshing combination of bitter citrus and icy aromas, finishing with some sweet hoppy accents. In other words, it smells bloody great.

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“For generations, Victoria Bitter has embodied the very essence of hard work,” reads the description.

“But working hard under the Aussie sun builds up more than just a hard-earned thirst. It builds up a sweat that’s best left behind at knockoff.”

“So the brewers of VB have partnered with Australian perfumers to create a big, bold scent to help you get straight from the worksite to the pub.”

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“Thirst is a scent that every man can get around,” says Harley Breen, VB Ambassador.

“It will make you wanna sniff your mate after a full day on the tools.” 

Right-o, we’ll take your word for it, mate.

The 150ml longneck version of the Victoria Bitter fragrance – Thirst, A Scent By VB – is now available to purchase for $40 via the official site; and for a limited time only, you can purchase the very same fragrance for just $30 via Chemist Warehouse (hit the link below).

Cop a bottle today… she’ll thank you for it later (note: results not guaranteed, just a high probability).

Victoria Bitter fragrance longneck -Thirst, A Scent By VB