Fast Men Only: Upgrade Your Crocs With A Clip-On Spoiler

Crocs Clip On Spoiler

Fellas, let’s get real for a second here. Is the overwhelming amount of female attention you’re receiving becoming a problem? Can’t seem to find time for anything else aside from beating ’em off with a stick? Perhaps you’re just looking for a much-needed break from Casanova duties. Well fear not. Because we have the perfect getaway plan in mind. On defined by unparalleled style and speed. All you need are a pair of regular old Crocs and this clip-on spoiler.

Made possible thanks to some downloadable blueprints published on the Prusa 3D printing repository by one Pixelwave – and, of course, 3D printers themselves – this miniature mod will help you completely escape the fairer sex. As well as any and all sex, really. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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Do a little digging and you’ll discover other printable mods available for installation include:

  • Crocs turbo charm
  • Crocs exhaust tip
  • Crocs rear diffuser

Those of you without a 3D printer, however, won’t be left high + dry. According to The Drive, the strap-mounted wings can actually be purchased on Etsy for a reasonable price of $30, alongside a whole selection of motor-themed charms for your Crocs (not just a spoiler); though sadly, the original designer behind this once-in-a-generation innovation has stopped selling ready-made resin prints on eBay.

Now get out there and don’t ever look back.