Dior & Birkenstock Have Linked Up For The Sensei Of Sandals

Dior Birkenstock 1

Overnight, Kim Jones unveiled his latest collection at the helm of Dior with the Autumn/Winter 2022 season walking the runway at Paris Fashion Week. While the collection was been met with a generally enthusiastic reception, it’s the footwear worn down the runway that is sure to get your local sandal enthusiasts excited, showcasing a new collaboration between Dior and Birkenstock.

As if in direct response to the WFH ‘fits we’ve all lazily enjoyed over the last couple of years, Dior’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection offered a cozy take on tried and true classics, including informal suiting juxtaposed against formal loungewear. The same mood is baked into the essence of the Birkenstock collection too, with a number of styles blending open-aired relaxation with the more formal codes Dior is so well-known for.

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While Germany’s most famous cork-soled sandal might typically be outside the French luxury house’s remit, the two brands selected the Milano Sandal and Boston Clog in various colours such as grey, taupe, beige and brown felt. The outsoles of the new collection feature both the classic indented “BIRK” pattern, as well as the Dior monogram-embossed across their surface.

Both designs feature seamlessly integrated leather heel straps, secured with the type of twin-button clasp that has been popularised in recent years by Givenchy creative director and 1017 Alyx 9SM founder Matthew Williams. The Boston clog design also features rubber mudguards (just in case you find yourself wandering through a wet paddock), and a series of delicate sections of floral embroidery.

While the collaboration is an exciting new frontier for both brands, it spells a particularly interesting move by Birkenstock, which seems to be setting its sights on a new level of refinement for the sandal manufacturer. There’s no word on pricing for the new collection yet, however, we’d be expecting to see four digits on the price tag, rather than the typical three.

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Dior x Birkenstock Collaboration Official 3