First Look At Fa$hion Killa A$AP Rocky’s Collab With Vans

A$AP Rocky Vans

A$AP Rocky has been spotted in his hotly anticipated Vans Slip-Ons collaboration in New York. After teasing fans back in March during his interview with GQ, the project with Vans has finally seen the light of day months after Pretty Flacko promised to “completely reinvent the slip-on.”

The all-white mule-style slide doesn’t have a heel and features the classic rubber Vans sole with black trim. The rubber extends to a red flecked toe-cap that matches the red and yellow flames that run along the side of the shoe.

The self styled “Fashion Killa” is no stranger to collaborations, both in his music and in the fashion world. He’s previously worked on garments alongside Prada, Guess, and Under Armour among others – but this marks the first time working with the skate brand. Vans itself have partnered with several other hip hop artists in on previous occasions, including A Tribe Called Quest and Public Enemy.

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The Vans Classic Slip-On was originally known as “Style #98” when it first hit streets back in 1977 and was designed as a no-fuss solution for skaters looking for a hardwearing, yet comfortable shoe. Each Vans Classic Slip-On comprises of 18 different pieces that are glued and sewn together, though A$AP Rocky’s heel-less slide likely uses less.

There is no confirmed date for the release of the A$AP Rocky Vans collaboration just yet, thought it’s admittedly exciting to get a sneak peak of what might be in stores soon.

A$AP Rocky Vans