Nike Launch The Joyride Flyknit For People Who Hate Running

Nike has been on a mission over the decades to find the perfect balance between life’s comforts and running’s essential technology.

The Epic React launch of 2018 sent shockwaves through the sneaker industry as one of the best looking and best performing runners on the market. Now, in mid-2019, Nike back up the success of the Reacts with their latest proprietary innovation, the Nike Joyride.

The sole goal of the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit is to make running easier, and therefore more fun.

One hundred and fifty materials were tested before landing on a TPE (a copolymer of plastic and rubber) for the beads, of which there are 8000 of them within the sneaker’s sole. Segmented into zonally-tuned pods, the beads create a dynamic footbed that forms to your foot and expands in all directions as it learns your individual footstrike.

The Nike Joyride Run Flyknit will be available in Australia on August 15 for AU$250 via

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