Steph Curry Gifts Teammates Custom Rolexes To Celebrate 3-Point Record

Steph Curry Rolex 1

History was made at Madison Square Garden during the Golden State Warriors’ recent 105-69 victory against the New York Knicks. Sinking his 2,974th three-pointer, Steph Curry surpassed Ray Allen to become the NBA record holder for most career threes on the momentous evening of his 789th career game – and taking a page out of Keanu Reeves’ book, the legendary point guard decided to reward those who made it possible with their own custom Rolex.

Given how integral longtime teammates Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, and Klay Thompson have been to Steph Curry’s rise as the reigning Three-Point King, naturally, the three-time NBA champion had to make sure his boys were taken care of. Green and Iguodala received their lavish tokens of appreciation in person, whereas the absent Thompson is on track to receive his once the Warriors’ return to California.

And while it’s clear each Rolex has been engraved with a special message, at this stage, we’ve yet to find out what said special message says – as well as what kind of Rolexes the Warriors’ superstars are now rocking; though some theorise they could be yellow-gold Submariner Dates with black dials (ref. 126618LN-0002).

“This is a career milestone because of everybody that I got to suit up with, everybody that set screens for me, everybody that passed me the ball, everybody that believed in our offence, and believed in winning and the process – so this is truly special, man,” Steph Curry said in a “thank you” message to everyone else who didn’t cop any wrist candy (side note: ouch).

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“We’ve got a lot more threes, a lot more wins, a lot more stuff to go but I appreciate y’all making this special – because it’s been a long week to get over this milestone. Having Reggie [Miller] and Ray [Allen] here was special but none more special than everyone in this locker room.”

“Steph is the best to ever shoot a basketball and we get the opportunity to go to work with him every day and it’s a very special thing,” Draymond Green would note after the game, per The Associated Press (via

Funnily enough, in light of the stats circulating about players who’ve contributed to Steph Curry’s three-point record, former teammate Kevin Durant is now calling for his own custom Rolex. Retweeting the infographic which ranks his overall contribution third in the Top 4 breakdown – below Draymond Green (479 assists) and Andre Iguodala (168 assists), above Klay Thompson (128 assists) with 153 – we can only assume the Brooklyn Nets talent’s demand to “Send the Rollie” is tongue-in-cheek. This was followed up with another tweet that simply read: “2,974… more on the way. Congrats to the God, Steph Curry.”

Check out the heartwarming footage of Steph Curry gifting Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala their brand new custom Rolexes above.