TAG Heuer Drops Connected 45 Modular Golf Edition

TAG Heuer Drops Connected 45 Modular Golf Edition

As Baselworld 2019 reaches its conclusion, TAG Heuer has released their Connected 45 Modular Golf Edition – an adaptation of their original smartwatch, the TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45.

The Golf Edition sits at a width of 45mm on the wrist and the traditional 1-12 numbering has been replaced by 1-18 for obvious reasons. Each of these numbers is highlighted as you make your way through the course. This personal wrist caddy will keep your score and track your progress towards the green via GPS (to an accuracy within one metre), which enables a 2D course map that actively updates on hazards, bunkers, and shot distances based on your watch’s positioning.

TAG Heuer Drops Connected 45 Modular Golf Edition

If you’re concerned that your hometown golf course in the middle of nowhere won’t be one of the 39,000 global courses that TAG has registered – then worry not because this thing has 99% of the world’s courses on file (unless, of course, your obscure course is part of the unfortunate 1%). With up to 25 hours of battery life, you’d be able to hit a couple of those spots without a recharge.

Finally, the piece will track your current score with up to four other opponents and let you know how you compare to your past games and holes. A nifty smartphone app also supports the system.

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Shipping to Australia for the TAG Heuer Connected 45 Modular Golf Edition will begin on April 16 and set buyers back $2,650.

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