Tissot Wants You Chasing Peak Performance With The New T-Touch Sport Collection

Tissot Wants You Chasing Peak Performance With The New T-Touch Sport Collection

Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon


When the Tissot T-Touch collection first debuted around the turn of the millennium, it offered some groundbreaking technology in the Swiss watchmaking world and was one of the first “hybrid” watches we know and love today. The latest generation of this collection is the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport; as you’d expect, its offering is more impressive than ever.

The Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport arrives in no less than six different colourways to ensure there’s a model for everyone, including a rose gold-tone model that looks an absolute treat paired with its brown ceramic bezel and beige rubber strap. In addition to the rose gold coloured reference, there are also options in black, blue, orange, and white (the white and rose gold references have shorter straps for smaller wrists), with the black reference available on either a matching colour rubber strap or a three-link bracelet.

All members of the collection are cased in titanium, a material that’s clearly been chosen for its lightweight, sporty presence on the wrist and robustness to handle an active lifestyle. Measuring 43mm in diameter, it’s certainly more wearable than many other fitness-focused connected watches and is very comfortable on the wrist thanks to its 12.8mm thickness and titanium constriction.

At its core, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport collection is made for those who enjoy busy, active lives and want a timepiece that delivers the convenience of a connected watch, but in a premium package that looks more like a traditional watch. Using classic watchmaking materials such as ceramic and titanium, the latest generation of T-Touch references delivers on this desire to a tee.

Powering the connected watch features of this Tissot is a dial made from a panel of high-quality Swiss-made photovoltaic cells (produced by Nivarox, known for making mechanical watch hairsprings), allowing it to recharge using the sun’s solar power. In sport connected mode or standard connected mode, the watch battery will last 3 and 6 months respectively (ideally getting around 60 minutes of sunlight a day).

In regular watch mode, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport collection should deliver “infinite autonomy” if exposed to at least 20 minutes of sunlight a day. However, if your work schedule or the weather means a full hour in direct sunlight isn’t possible, all you need to do is plug it into the charger for a few hours to boost the battery.

The only section of the dial that isn’t made of solar cells is the AMOLED screen in the bottom half of the dial, which displays all of the connected watch features of the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport collection. The screen is touch-sensitive (as the name of the collection suggests), however, it can also be activated using the pushers on the side of the case.

Rather than attempting to compete with smart watches that replicate much of the functionality of your mobile phone, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport collection instead serves up a highlights reel of connected watch features. These include all of the notifications you want to know about — including calls, emails, messages, and social media notifications — and all the most relevant well-being and fitness information.

Within the well-being and fitness offering, there’s a workout feature that delivers live tracking of your steps, calories, heart rate, and workout duration. It’s also got GPS-powered speed, distance, and elevation tracking if you’re on the move while running, walking, or cycling.

All considered, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport collection is a comfortable package on the wrist, and one that’s been designed to be as practical as possible, without competing with connected watches. With a photovoltaic cell dial that extends the battery life of the watch into months, not hours, the collection also cleverly addresses one of the most consistent pain points for connected watch owners: daily charging.

It’s not exactly a smart watch, but the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport collection isn’t trying to be a smart watch. In fact, it’s so compelling because it only offers the best features of a connected watch, while also looking far better on the wrist than almost any smart watch on the market today.

All six references within the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport collection are currently available from Tissot’s online shop and Tissot boutiques. It arrives with an Australian RRP of $1,610 on a rubber strap, or a slight premium of $1,790 paired with a brushed titanium bracelet.

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Nick Kenyon
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