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Apple Watch Series 7 design

Why The Design Of The Apple Watch Is Slowing Down As It Gets Better

“For over a century, watches have focused primarily on one thing, right? That’s the time,” said Stan Ng, Vice President…

Apple Watch Series 7 1

Everything You Need To Know About The Apple Watch Series 7 + New Hermès Straps

Like clockwork every September, Apple releases all of their new goodies for the year. This year, among the excitement around…

apple watch ecg

Apple Watch ECG Readings Now Available In Australia

After a few years in limbo, Apple has finally been able to activate the electrocardiography (ECG) capabilities in the Apple…

Spotify is rolling out standalone streaming for the Apple Watch

You Can Now Stream Spotify Directly From Your Apple Watch

Soon enough, Apple Watch users will no longer need an iPhone or other connected device close by in order to…

Apple Drops iOS 14, New iPads, Apple Watches, & More For 2020

This year’s Apple Event has thrown many for a spin – and not just because it was forced to be…

5 Things Apple Just Revealed At WWDC 2020

Despite being held virtually, this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2020) still brought the heat. Especially in the case of…

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5 Things I Learned Wearing The Apple Watch Series 5 For A Week

Consider me converted.

Wearable Tech: The New Game Changer

“Disruptive Technology” is a buzz word that gets thrown around a lot these days…so what does it really mean? Wikipedia (which by the way is a pretty damn re