Harry Potter


WATCH: HBO’s ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion Special Trailer Starring The Original Trio

In keeping with what’s essentially standard procedure these days the moment a cash-cow property approaches some notable anniversary – 20th…

JK Rowling Harry Potter The Philosophers Stone First Edition Hardback

If You Own This Edition Of ‘Harry Potter’, You Could Be Sitting On $660K

In 1997, Bloomsbury printed just 500 hardback first edition copies of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone –…

Harry Potter The Philosophers Stone

‘Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone’ Was Almost A Very Different Movie

20 years ago today, Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone premiered here in Australia; directed by Chris Columbus, starring Daniel…

Harry Potter Director Chris Columbus Cursed Child Movie With Original Cast

‘Harry Potter’ Director Wants To Make ‘Cursed Child’ Movie With Original Cast

During a recent interview with Variety, director Chris Columbus reminisced about his time working on the Harry Potter franchise, as…

HBO Max Harry Potter TV Series

HBO Is Developing A Live-Action ‘Harry Potter’ TV Series

Warner Bros. apparently has plans to further expand the Harry Potter universe beyond the Fantastic Beast prequel films starring Eddie…

Alan Rickman Diaries

25 Years Of Alan Rickman’s Diaries Set To Be Published As A Book

A generation-spanning collection of 27 handwritten diaries kept by the late, great Alan Rickman are to be edited down into…

‘Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone’ First Edition Could Fetch You $50,000

If you’ve got a unique edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, you could be up for a hefty payday.

Take A Look At Jude Law As Young Dumbledore In ‘Crimes Of Grindelwald’

This sequel to the Harry Potter universe’s ‘Fantastic Beasts’ property promises to be an eventful one.