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‘Entourage Creator’ Doug Ellin’s New Series About The Hollywood Lifestyle

Creator of HBO’s Entourage – Doug Ellin – has Hollywood in the crosshairs once again with his next television series: Ramble On….

Alan Rickman Diaries

25 Years Of Alan Rickman’s Diaries Set To Be Published As A Book

A generation-spanning collection of 27 handwritten diaries kept by the late, great Alan Rickman are to be edited down into…

Inside Scott Disick’s Tasteful Hollywood Hills Home

Bonus points for anyone who can confirm where he gets his money from.

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This three-storey mansion includes an infinity pool, movie theatre and grand piano in the living room, and is looking for a new tenant.

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Dope house for a College Dropout.

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NASA’s Massive Mars Rover Concept Is Straight Outta Hollywood

NASA have just launched their latest six-wheeled concept vehicle that would more likely make an appearance in Armageddon 2.

7 Of The Craziest Hollywood Body Transformations

Actors put themselves through some pretty crazy things to land roles in big films, one of the most common is weight loss. These are some of the most extreme