Man Fighting Ability Face Science - Tom Hardy Warrior

A Man’s Fighting Ability Is Written On His Face (According To Science)

Generally speaking, there are key indicators you should never fuck with a bloke. Cauliflower ear is a fairly accurate gauge…


Psychedelics 101: Opening Pandora’s Box

“I never believed in LSD but I understood the power of it. It was more than the holy ghost, and…

Science Proves Link Between Expensive Tastes & Higher Testosterone Levels

Consider the stag’s heavy antlers, or perhaps the peacock’s unwieldy plume. While both may be viewed as practical handicaps at…

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Science Proves Dickheads Prefer Driving Fancy Cars

Specifically BMWs, Audis and Mercedes.

The Beatles Were “Relentlessly Average” According To Science

Science has really gone and done it this time. In the face of fans the world over, it has deemed The Beatles unimportant to music.

This Mesmerising Infographic Will Show You How Deep The Ocean Really Is

When looking out an airplane window at 36,000 ft, your height from the ground inverted still wouldn’t reach the lowest point of the ocean.

NASA’s Incredible Plan To Steal Rocks From An Asteroid

The OSIRIS-REx mission is about to attempt to collect rock matter from an asteroid by hitching a ride on a rock travelling toward us.

Check Out Jupiter’s Incredible Aurora That Is Baffling Scientists

The natural wonder can reach 30 times the strength of Earth’s – and no one exactly knows what its power source is.

The Ridiculously Simple Trick To A Good Night’s Sleep

If tossing and turning for hours every night sounds familiar to you, you need to watch this video, stat.

Ever Wondered Why Some People Are Left Handed?

Roughly 10% of the human population is left handed (including me), and it’s been like that for more than half a million years. Daniel Abrams tells us why.