Elon Musk Twitter

Elon Musk’s $1.55 Billion Profit From Twitter Is Now A $56 Million Loss

UPDATE [27/05/22]: The tech rout hasn’t been kind to the Technoking of Tesla. In addition to his electric automaker’s stock…

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey Just Made $83 Million By Resigning From Twitter

As you will have probably heard by now, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey recently announced his resignation from his role as…

Elon Musk Tesla Shares Twitter

Elon Musk Sells $1.5 Billion Worth Of Tesla Stock To Cover His Tax Bill

UPDATE [11/11/21]: Financial Filings indicate Elon Musk is offloading more than 930,000 Tesla shares (NASDAQ: TSLA) valued at over US$1.1…

Afterpay Square

Jack Dorsey’s Square To Buy Afterpay For $39 Billion

The US payments platform founded by Twitter’s Jack Dorsey – Square – is on track to acquire buy now, pay…

jay-z tidal square jack dorsey

Jay-Z Sells Tidal To Jack Dorsey’s Square For Almost $400 Million

Square – the financial services company founded by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – has announced the acquisition of a majority…

Elon Musk Twitter Tesla Support Staff Job

Tesla Is Hiring Someone To Handle Elon Musk’s Twitter Complaints

Who needs an entire marketing department when Founder & CEO Elon Musk can singlehandedly will the Tesla stock price into…

A Japanese Billionaire Is Giving Away $13 Million On Twitter

This marks the second time Maezawa has done this.

Japanese Billionaire Has Most Retweeted Tweet After Promising Free Money

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa has set the record for the most retweeted tweet in the history of Twitter.

History’s Most Expensive Tweets Ever

Remember when Twitter was for roasting your mates or posting memes and not for moving markets or crashing companies? Times have really changed.

How Elon Musk Made $1.9 Billion From A Single Tweet– Now Gone

All in a day’s work…

Goldman Sachs Elevator 77 Rules To Being A Man

77 Rules For Being A Man (According To Goldman Sachs Elevator)

Love it or hate it, Goldman Sachs Elevator (@GSElevator) is one of the funniest Twitter accounts going around. While a…