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goldeneye 007 documentary goldenera remaster

Quiet Weekend? ‘GoldenEye 007’ Now Has Its Very Own Documentary

Every icon deserves a documentary: Michael Jordan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kanye West, and now, GOAT-tier Nintendo 64 title GoldenEye…

NBA All-World

The Pokémon Go Creators Are Dropping A New Free-To-Play NBA Game

Remember Pokémon Go and all the hysteria that came along with it? Brace yourselves, because history might be on track…

The Last Of Us HBO Series Release Date 1

HBO Reveals First Look At ‘The Last Of Us’ TV Series

UPDATE [10/06/2022]: With shooting reportedly wrapping up soon, it seems HBO feel ready and confident enough to give us our…

Gran Turismo TV Series

It’s Official, We’re Getting A ‘Gran Turismo’ TV Series

Sony has confirmed a Gran Turismo TV series is on the way during its recent Investor Relations Business Segment Briefings…

Halo Infinite Classic Maps Blood Gulch X

‘Halo: Infinite’ Creative Lead Hints At The Return Of Classic Maps

The older you get, the more you’ll find yourself longing for those halcyon days of gaming. You know, those carefree…

Alan Wake TV Series

‘Alan Wake’ TV Series Officially In Development

Alan Wake was – and continues to be – one of the most inventive action-adventure video games of the 2010s….

EA Sports FIFA End

Bad News: EA Sports Will No Longer Make The ‘FIFA’ Games Series

After almost 30 years, FIFA and EA Sports’ partnership has officially come to an end. While the video game publisher will…

John Wick creator is looking to turn Streets of Rage into a movie

‘John Wick’ Creator Set To Turn SEGA Classic ‘Streets Of Rage’ Into A Movie

Although the side-scrolling beat em’ up gaming franchise enjoyed nowhere near the same level of popularity it once did in…

Elden Ring Speedrun LilAggy Sub Hour

Some Bloke Just Beat ‘Elden Ring’ In 59 Minutes & 38 Seconds

In this day and age, no matter how challenging the release, there will invariably be a speedrunner waiting in the…

God of War TV Series Amazon Prime Video

‘God Of War’ TV Series In The Works With Amazon

Amazon Prime Video appears to be doubling down on tripling its efforts to adapt flagship video game franchises for the…

Paramount Halo Season 2

‘Halo’ Series Already Renewed For Season 2 Ahead Of Its Premiere

The decade-long struggle appears to have paid off. Before the video game adaptation gets a chance to premiere, Paramount+ has…

New York Times Wordle Acquisition

The New York Times Just Bought Wordle For “Low-Seven Figures”

By now, everyone has likely come across the five-by-six grids of grey, yellow, and green emojis dominating social media feeds…