Discovery Channel’s ‘Who Wants To Be An Astronaut?’ Will Actually Send An Ordinary Punter To Space

Discovery Channel Who Wants To Be An Astronaut

Space travel is practically being handed out like candy these days. Every other week, there’s headlines about a charity raffle, million-dollar hotels neighbouring the International Space Station (ISS), or some billionaire taking off beyond the stratosphere because, well… what else is there to do when you’ve experienced virtually everything Earth has to offer? The Discovery Channel has just taken the ongoing trend to all-new heights of casual with the announcement of its latest reality show – creatively titled Who Wants To Be An Astronaut? – which will actually send regular-ass people who win to the ISS.

“The series will follow each of the contestants competing for the opportunity in a variety of extreme challenges designed to test them on the attributes real astronauts need most, and as they undergo the training necessary to qualify for space flight and life on board the space station,” the Discovery Channel has issued via statement.

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Discovery Channel Who Wants To Be An Astronaut? Reality Series

“In the end, one lucky candidate deemed to have the right stuff by a panel of expert judges will punch their ticket for an adventure few have ever taken. The series will chronicle each pivotal moment along the way – from lift off to re-entry and the return home.”

The once-in-a-lifetime prize is being handled by none other than Axiom Space, who will send the lucky winner to the ISS by rocket ship for an eight-day mission. The aim is to follow the launch of the world’s first private mission to the orbiting complex, which the company is scheduled to launch sometime in 2022.

At the moment, not a whole lot of eligibilities and requirements – physical or otherwise – have been outlined beyond being limited to US residents / citizens. You can find out more about Who Wants To Be An Astronaut? below.