How To Double Your Leave In 2020 And Get 42 Days Off

Finding the perfect work-life balance is arguably what Aussies do best.

What will be fantastic news to your responsibility-avoiding ears, then, is Contiki’s supreme travel hack that can miraculously turn 20 days of standard annual leave days into 42.

That’s right – you can double your annual leave in 2020. All you have to do is combine the precious four weeks of working days with specific public holidays and weekends throughout the year.

Over the Australia Day long weekend, for example, tactical punters can apply for just one day of leave and get four days off.

The real dark horse of the 2020 calendar year, however, is during the Easter break, where you can apply for eight days of leave and cop a massive 16 days off. 

The Queen’s Birthday long weekend is almost just as juicy, as those who apply for four days of leave get nine days of freedom. If you want to think really far ahead, next year’s Christmas break can flip seven days of leave into 13. 

Print out this infographic below and affix it firmly to your desk on day one of 2020 to stay one step ahead of the game. You’re welcome.

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