15,000 Sign A Petition To Deny Jeff Bezos Re-Entry To Earth

jeff bezos petition space deny re entry earth

Close to 15,000 individuals have signed a petition calling to deny Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos re-entry to Earth after his Blue Origin space flight scheduled to launch next month. The specific wording of said petition, however, has left many puzzled as to whether this is the tongue-in-cheek gesture many had assumed it was; or the delusional rantings of a legitimately unhinged operator.

“Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor disguised as the supposed owner of a super successful online retail store,” reads the description penned by one Jose Ortiz, which starts off fairly reasonable before the gradual descent.

“However, he’s actually an evil overlord hell-bent on global domination. We’ve known this for years. Jeff has worked with the Epsteins and the Knights Templar as well as the Free Masons to gain control over the whole world.”

“He’s also in bed with the flat earth deniers – it’s the only way they’ll allow him to leave the atmosphere. Meanwhile our government stands by and lets it happen. This may be our last chance before they enable the 5G microchips and perform a mass takeover.”

jeff bezos petition space deny re-entry-earth

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Incidentally, this isn’t the first prolific Jeff Bezos petition to make headlines in the recent news cycle(s). A week or so prior, there was another petition also hosted via change.org urging the world’s richest man to buy the Mona Lisa… and eat it. While the virtually priceless Leonardo Da Vinci artwork isn’t for sale, given its conservative €50 valuation (AU$78 billion) versus Bezos’ mind-boggling $200 billion net worth, the man could actually afford to chow down.

“Nobody has eaten the Mona Lisa and we feel Jeff Bezos needs to take a stand and make this happen,” reads the description penned by one Kane Powell; which we know for sure is 100% a piss take.

You can check out the ‘Petition To Not Allow Jeff Bezos Re-Entry To Earth’ below – perhaps even lend a signature if you feel so inclined.