Meta’s VR Headsets Are Being Trialled For In-Flight Entertainment
— 15 May 2024

Meta’s VR Headsets Are Being Trialled For In-Flight Entertainment

— 15 May 2024
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

While carriers like Qantas prepare to launch 4K Panasonic display systems in an effort to offer customers a television-quality experience, Lufthansa is upping the ante with virtual reality (VR) headsets thanks to a newly-inked partnership with Meta.

The rollout of Meta Quest 3 VR headsets will take place on select Lufthansa flights, specifically for passengers in the new Allegris business class suite throughout the northern summer. The complimentary devices will reportedly be pre-loaded with custom content — movies, TV shows, podcasts, games, travel & wellness advice — all designed to operate in Travel Mode.

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“We specially tuned our algorithms to account for the motion of an airplane, so you’ll have a stable and consistent experience in Travel Mode — even when looking out the window,” the parent company behind Facebook and Instagram noted, via press release.

“Travel Mode is optimised for use on planes to start, and we plan to add support for other modes of transportation like trains in the future… And thanks to our headsets’ balanced, ergonomic design, you can enjoy it all comfortably, no neck pillow required.”

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Meta added the following selling points:

  • “Enjoy an immersive cinema experience with select movies and TV shows.”
  • “Listen to prominent travel podcasters and see their stories come to life through spatial videos and select 360-degree video content.”
  • “Discover travel destinations from a bird’s-eye view with virtual sightseeing previews before you arrive.”
  • “Play interactive games like Connect Four and Chess.”
  • “Relax with active meditation exercises or enjoy a passive, lean-back experience.”

Your move, competing airlines.

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