facebook ray ban stories

Ray-Ban Stories: Facebook Unveil Slick Video-Recording Sunglasses

It’s been a few years since story-based social media service Snapchat started to mess around with smart glasses, dubbed the…

facebook market cap trillion

Facebook Is Now Officially Worth Over $1 Trillion

The ubiquity of Facebook goes without saying these days. On the monetary front, however, the social media giant has only…

We’re Back On Facebook

Oh boy, it’s been a big week. Facebook’s ban on Australian news content last week hit small publishers like us…

Aaron Sorkin Will Write The Social Network Sequel… On One Condition

A decade on from its release, David Fincher’s The Social Network still retains much of its extremely quotable entertainment value…

The Social Dilemma: Ways To Push Back On Zuck

None of the information in the Netflix Documentary The Social Dilemma was necessarily new to me, but Jeff Orlowski’s brilliant…

How Much Interns Get Paid At Google, Facebook, Uber & More

US employment firm Glassdoor has released a report confirming the 25 highest paying internships stateside for 2019.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Golden Rule Of Hiring

The “Zuckerberg Golden Rule” holds value for both employers and employees.

Facebook App Is Launching Its Own Dating Service

Hard pass(?)

Here’s How Much Employees Of Facebook, Google, Netflix, & More Get Paid

For those with a bit of morbid curiosity floating about. Here’s how much it pays to be an employee of a top company like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft.

‘Humans Of New York’ Has Been Turned Into A Facebook TV Series

Humans of New York is a staple of many people’s social feed, capturing the unseen side for one of the…

Facebook’s Original Video Series To Launch With Lonzo Ball Documentary

Facebook is making major moves towards original digital content, aiming to rival the giant that is Netflix. With 24 original…