Tour The Four Seasons’ New Private A321 Luxury Jet

Tour The Four Seasons’ New Private A321 Luxury Jet

Turns out there’s more to the Four Seasons than just holiday resorts and grandiose hotels, with the international luxury hospitality company also offering around the world tours via private luxury jets. Four Seasons has a fleet of jets already in service and have just announced the addition of a highly-customised Airbus A321LR that will be available in early 2021.

For around $209,000 per person, people can book adventures around the world where flights and accommodation are provided by Four Seasons private jets, hotels and resorts. “Our guests are fascinated with the idea of really being in our hands for three weeks,” says Christian Clerc, president of worldwide hotel operations. “We felt we had to continue to enhance the experience.”

And enhance they have. The newly refurbished Airbus A321LR has room for 48 passengers with the interior featuring soothing earthy colours matching the Four Season embroidered pillows, replacing the blue and orange colour scheme of the previous jet. The seats are custom made by Optimares and manufactured with leather from Italian producer Poltrona Frau. All seats are paired with a personal ottoman so travellers can converse face to face instead of side to side.

There’s a specially-built bar and lounge area with a mixologist creating cocktails during your journey. The bathrooms are also much larger and more appointed for guests than on the previous jet. There’s a dedicated chef for the entire journey ready to whip up culinary delights while a series of artisans will conduct workshops in the lounge, with guests having the opportunity to learn from the Four Seasons best chefs, mixologists, wellness experts and arts/culture specialists.

For more information on how to book your own trip with Four Seasons head to their website.

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