Winter Has Come Early With This Surreal ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ice Hotel

Winter Has Come Early With This Surreal ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ice Hotel

Nestled roughly 193 km north of the Arctic Circle is Snow Village, a hotel in Finland owned and operated by Lapland Hotels, which has recently re-added some icy cool additions to its rooms. The hotel has collaborated with HBO to create a Game of Thrones-inspired residential experience that, as you can see for yourself, is pretty awe-inspiring.

The first time this twist was showcased was back in 2018. Following the success of the first real-life Westeros adaptation, Snow Village was once again keen to bring in 45,000 cubic meters of snow and a whopping 40,000 kg of ice to complete the frosty creation. Icy sculptures of White Walkers, dragons, the Iron Throne, and depictions of the First Men are very hard to miss as one makes their way through the hotel.

Temperatures are kept to a bone-chilling -2 or -5 degrees Celsius, depending on the room of choice. To counter this, the hotel offers fleece-lined sleeping bags to warm your outside and hot berry juices to warm your inside. Understandably, the hotel recommends guests only spend a night in this chilly oasis. 

Snow Village will run in its current state until April 8th of this year. Standard rooms start at €220 ( roughly $350 AUD) and the premium suites are a little pricier at €294 (roughly $470). So grab your Wildling buddies and head beyond The Wall for a hotel experience like none other.

If you know nothing about the upcoming season 8 for Game of Thrones, watch the new trailer here.