We Spent The Weekend On The Gold Coast: Here’s Everything The Boys Got Up To

We Spent The Weekend On The Gold Coast: Here’s Everything The Boys Got Up To

John McMahon
John McMahon


Last weekend, two Boss Hunting Stalwarts, John & Jack (plus Oscar the video guy), were lucky enough to spend a few nights on the Gold Coast experiencing everything Queensland’s ‘second city’ has to offer. As they found out, things are definitely looking sunny on the GC.

Gone are the days of a tired, wild, town full of ‘interesting’ people. This is the ‘all-new’ GC, and it’s a very different place in 2023. Home to new world luxury, fast-paced action, and delectable delights around every corner – at any time of the day. The best part? Its proximity to the equator compared to the lower corner of the country, means the weather is bang-on, throughout the year. Even in winter, it boasts a balmy climate and comfortable ocean temperatures, meaning it’s open for business year-round.

It’s also easy to access, simple to navigate, and has a few one-off tricks up its sleeve that you can’t find anywhere else in Australia.

Dive in with us headfirst to discover in real time, what the Boss Hunting boys got up to on our epic weekend on the Goldy.

Day 1

Touchdown, heaven-on-earth. I’m talking about the slick new digs from The Langham Gold Coast, which can be found a little further south, near Broadbeach.

A tidy half-hour drive from Coolangatta Airport, The Langham’s imposing three-tower complex (the first beachfront property on the Goldy in 30 years) is about as prime position as it gets. And that’s before you’ve soared right up to the top floors to check into one of the multi-room “residences.” These ultra-luxurious digs are perched high above the Gold Coast’s glorious stretch of beach, and when shared between mates or couples, are surprisingly achievable cost-wise.

Jack & I were unashamedly spoilt with the four-bedroom penthouse on level 49 that sprawls across a monstrous 256 square metres of real estate.

From the huge balcony, you can look down on the helicopters (and the odd fighter-jet) flying by, you’re that high up.

The 180-degree views take in both the ocean’s horizon and the undulating hills of the Hinterland. Fittingly for two aviation nerds – a pair of F-18’s did a fly by as we walked in for the first time. Jack screaming “fighter jets, fighter jets” was another highlight of the trip.

After guffawing at the room, the fellas promptly came back down to earth for a welcome cocktail at The Lobby Bar at the base of the same tower. If you subscribe to the pageantry of mixology, The Grand Jewel cocktail is a must-try to kick off the weekend’s proceedings.

As for the evening, while it was tempting to dabble in the Burleigh Heads crowd favourite – The Tropic – for another crisp Gold Coast sunset, we swapped it for a bite at the modern Asian bar and diner, Light Years. Melbourne and Sydney fans of the iconic Chin Chin restaurants will be right at home at this trendy little eatery, which plays into flavour-packed dishes and delicious cocktails. The only way to start the weekend. Hot tip. Go for the Beef Rendang – it’s a ripper.

Day 2

After just a couple of drinks Friday night, we blew off the cobwebs the only way we know how. By getting wet. On the Goldy, you can go for a quick swim or surf down at the beach, or you can make things even more interesting by taking the plunge at Fliteboard Gold Coast the following morning.

Despite the entire aim of electric hydro foiling being to stay above the water, at the beginning (as Jack learned), you’ll no doubt spend plenty of time in the drink.

If you’re not familiar with Fliteboarding, it’s essentially a mini surfboard-like craft with an electric motor that powers a wing attached to it beneath the water. This wing generates lift for the rider to hover a few feet off the surface. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this sensation on a few occasions and have a knack for it, but watching Jack fail to master the craft on his first outing made it a particularly enjoyable way to kick-start a big day out. Oscar can attest to the fact that it’s almost as good as a spectator.

Sure, there are other ‘Flite schools’ around the country, but this is the only one owned and operated by Fliteboard themselves, which means you get the best equipment and the best instructors. Plus the water-temp is as good as it gets.

Greg (who is a bloody legend – check out his Google reviews if you don’t believe us) and the team at Fliteboard Gold Coast run a slick operation on the Nerang River just behind the JW Marriott – a 5-minute Uber ride from The Langham, and sessions run for approximately two hours, three times a day.

In this case we needed a quick feed pre ‘lift off’, but either before or after you partake in a morning of aquatic thrills, you’ll want to fill up on some good quality breakfast at Elk Espresso. A 20-minute stroll or a 5-minute Lime bike from The Langham, this local favourite is humming before the sun even rises and boasts plenty of reliable day-starters to get you on your way.

If, perhaps, you’d prefer to hold the sustenance until lunchtime, treat yourself to a lazy Saturday afternoon on one of the sun-baked outdoor tables at Social Eating House + Bar. This Broadbeach institution, run by chef Matthew Jefferson and his partner Danya Cooper, has been around for over a decade and just recently received a slick refresh.

Hot tip #2. The octopus. We could’ve ordered 5 more serves of the good stuff.

Day 3

Ah, Sunday. The sacred day for golf, golf, and more golf.

If I’m a single-digit handicap on the Fliteboard front, then my handicap on the golf course has to be 30+. And didn’t Jack let me know it.

If you weren’t aware, the Gold Coast has more golf courses per capita than any other city in Australia. It goes without saying that we didn’t need our arms twisted to make a sunrise tee time at RACV Royal Pines.

Dripping in glorious morning dew, the 18 perfectly manicured holes just a 15-minute hop from The Langham should be any keen (or casual) golfer’s preferred way to start the way.

You’ll be ravenous come mid-morning, which should call for a sizeable feed at Lot 1 Coffee in Surfer’s Paradise on the way back through. It nails the classics and is both casual and affordable.

While I was at the end of my patience by about the 15th at Royal Pines, possibly the only thing that got me through it was the thought of smashing bombs washed down with a few beers later that afternoon at fan-favourite TopGolf. An afternoon here with the squad will well and truly scratch that golfing itch.

TopGolf, the party/golf destination that grew to popularity Stateside, has only one location in Australia – and it’s right here on the Gold Coast, close to all the theme parks (if they tickle your fancy – which they should). Play in teams, compete in a range of different games and novelties, or just send long drives right up into the back net. Sessions are charged hourly, rather than per the number of balls, making it a great option for groups to hit as fast or as slow as you’d like.

QR codes and attentive staff are on hand to deliver drinks and nibbles directly to your booth, so you never have to waste a swing.

Finally, depending on your flight time, Precinct Brewery back down in Burleigh is a great haunt to decompress on your way back to the airport. Led by Head Brewer, Jeremy James, you can expect more delicious drops than you’ll know what to do with and a pub menu designed to please one and all. Precinct Brewery was the full stop on our weekend, so we were sure to savour every last bit of the good stuff before checking out back to Sydney.

As Jack said en-route to the airport “f*** that was a good weekend, the Goldy is actually a ripper”. And it really is. Whether you’re looking to round up the fellas for a jam-packed weekend, or getting a few couples together for a wholesome weekend – there really is nowhere better than the Gold Coast.

Got your attention? Check out every conceivable option on the Goldy at the link below.

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John McMahon
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