Moxy NYC Times Square Review: Affordable Living In The Heart Of Manhattan
— 9 October 2023

Moxy NYC Times Square Review: Affordable Living In The Heart Of Manhattan

— 9 October 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

Marriott International’s Moxy Hotels has always been an interesting one. The first location for the inventive brand opened in Milan in 2014 and since then it has been one of the fastest-growing names in hospitality, with over 130 properties established in under 10 years.

That would qualify Moxy as a success story for lifestyle hotels. It’s not exactly luxury, but Moxy has carved out a reputation amongst premium travellers for being one of those “only what you need, less of what you don’t” hotels without veering into hostel territory.

Yet, Moxy borrows a lot of what makes it so successful from the idea of hostels. That’s best illustrated by the common spaces, which are designed with socialisation in mind. The concept views each property as an apartment, where the bedroom is just for sleeping and the common areas are your living rooms.

That’s not for everyone, of course. The more foppish travellers amongst us might turn their noses at such an idea. But for the rest of us, Moxy represents a necessary evolution in affordable accommodation while still maintaining a sense of style.

In reviewing the Moxy NYC Times Square — one of several Moxy properties in New York — I’ll attempt to keep the concept in mind to give a fair appraisal.

Moxy NYC Times Square





  • Massive common areas; great for working remotely
  • Convenient location surrounded by subway stations
  • Affordable for New York City
  • Rooftop lounge is open very late


  • PIllows might be too small for some
  • No views

Moxy NYC Times Square Review


Moxy Times Square review
The reception looks a bit different to your standard hotel.

Although it has Times Square in the name, the precise location for this Moxy property is in the Garment District. You’ll find the entrance a short stroll from 42 Street on the corner of 36th and 7th.

It’s just south of New York’s most obnoxious tourist trap, which means I’m within walking distance of Penn Station, as well as the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden. It’s an ideal spot for first-timers who want to tick off the big-ticket items before exploring more local spots like Greenpoint and Jackson Heights.

It also means that guests are protected from the chaos of Times Square. However, the tight and narrow reception can be annoyingly busy if you have many people checking in at once. I guess that’s why designers have worked in multiple check-in kiosks rather than the traditional desk.

Design & Features

Moxy Times Square Review
Common areas are full of private nooks and separate lounge spaces.

There are now six Moxy hotels in New York City and all have been designed with socialising in mind. I haven’t checked out the other five but have a good idea of what to expect. Moxy Times Square expresses the chain well, having a slight nightclub-esque aesthetic that aligns with the brand’s identity. That is — a premium neo-hostel for younger travellers who don’t need pampering, but do need a comfortable place to live without the exorbitant price tag.

Moxy is playful and creative; the designers want you to know it. On arrival, there’s a cart full of soda and other beverages for people to take as they please. Upstairs you’ve got a sprawling lounge area shooting off from a bar, featuring several functional lounge areas to make it seem like more of a funky co-working office. Then you’ve got five dining options, all operated by the reputable TAO Group. The most premium option, a seafood brasserie called Legasea was fully booked on the two nights I was there.

The most popular, however, is Magic Hour. An open-air cocktail lounge that’s open until 4 AM on weekends; Midtown’s largest all-season rooftop bar. It has a separate entrance to the hotel, pushing it as a standalone venue and really playing up its all-day approach with a killer brunch menu that segues into a by-night option built on little but pricey cocktails and snacks.

Aesthetically, the rooftop bar is the best illustration of Moxy’s youthful swagger. Up here, astro turf and a plethora of pink statues help add a bit of character along with the free mini-golf course.

It feels slightly Alice In Wonderland-themed but the fantastical style isn’t crudely overdone. It’s not somewhere I’d expect to find you after a night at The Polo Club, but there’s a lot to be said about a completely unpretentious atmosphere in Midtown (there aren’t many of those around).


An entry-level room at Moxy Times Square.

The hotel feels boutique despite its size. The building, which is more than 110 years old, is big enough to fit in a surprisingly large stock: 612 rooms. They all vary greatly in size and category, yet pretty much all are threaded by the brand’s major schtick.

That is, Moxy doesn’t actually want you to stay holed up in your room. This is a socially-minded brand, so the common spaces are conceived of as the living rooms of your apartment while the bed is just for sleeping and bathroom activities.

My 18-square-metre King Room is smaller than I would have liked. The overarching design language here is the same as when I stayed at the Moxy Tokyo Kinshicho a few years ago. The rooms have several pegs along the feature wall, on which various modular furniture hangs so I can customise my room however I see fit.

There are tables and chairs, mainly. Although the space is much too small to unfold more than one piece of furniture at a time.

All I care about is that the King bed is comfortable. While the pillows are on the small side, the linens aren’t an afterthought. This is a great bed to sleep on, even if it might not have the perfect balance between softness and firmness that you’d find in more expensive hotels like The Plaza and The Pierre.

My view looks into a drab office building. There’s nothing of note there, although it’s worth writing that the designers have worked on a window sill without enough depth that you could consider it a bedside table.

Importantly, there’s virtually no noise at night. Which isn’t what you’d expect from any hotel in Times Square.

As for the mossy green tiled bathroom. It’s an open plan with a playful swimming club design. The white “No Diving” and “2.5 ft deep” text helps bring a little charm to the room. Although the main thing to note is that the shower is kept quite large despite the tight space.

Food & Drink

Magic Hour is Moxy Times Square’s main attraction.

Self-serve ice cream vending machines and free hot chocolate. The dedication to childish comfort features is much appreciated, especially for those travellers who’ve been destroyed by the soullessness of Times Square.

Moxy offers a nice range of options for anyone looking to dine, or those who just want a nightcap before bed. The aforementioned rooftop lounge is the best prime spot but the separation from the hotel means lazier guests would probably prefer the Moxy Bar.


Magic Hour turns it on at night with a small mini golf course.

Cool and friendly. But not much else. Anyone used to classic hospitality from Midtown hitters like The Langham and The Peninsula won’t find much satisfaction here. The largely hands-off approach comes down to the brand. But that isn’t to say you won’t find anyone willing to help here. It just means that guests who demand anything beyond standard service might be a bit confused by the lack of proactiveness.

Verdict & Value

Moxy has many different options for the modern traveller.

According to Google and, the average rate at Moxy NYC Times Square is around AU$379. That’d be overpriced if this Moxy was located anywhere but in New York City. However, given the ridiculous cost of hotels in the Big Apple nowadays, I’d say this is excellent value for anyone looking to stay in the thick of it.

The arterial location being so close to just about every train you’d need is also quite handy. The Garment District, as uninspiring and bare as it is, is very convenient for New York first-timers.

The downside is that this definitely is not a hotel for everyone. As far as younger, more bare-bones hotels go, this is on the premium side of things. Yet that won’t be enough for those overly concerned with having a luxurious base to return to.

For those who appreciate a nice, functional and comfortable hotel, Moxy NYC Times Square is one of the city’s better offerings, especially after a review of the alternatives. Besides, the Moxy brand makes the most sense in urban sprawls that are so exciting that you wouldn’t want to spend much time holed up in your room anyway. What’s the use of paying a premium for anything more?

Moxy NYC Times Square — Details

Address: 485 7th Ave, New York, NY 10018
Contact: +1 212-967-6699

Rates at The Plaza New York start from around AU$379 per night.

The Author, Chris Singh, stayed as a guest of Marriot International.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to stay at Moxy NYC Times Square?

Entry-level rooms at Moxy NYC Times Square start from AU$379.

Where is Moxy NYC Times Square?

Moxy NYC Times Square is actually located in the Garment District on the corner of 36th Street and 7th Avenue.

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