NSW Dancefloors Are Back On, Nightclubs See Restrictions Lifted
— Updated on 2 August 2021

NSW Dancefloors Are Back On, Nightclubs See Restrictions Lifted

— Updated on 2 August 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

2020 has been one kick in the dick after the next. But we’ve finally made it, folks. Premier Glady Berejiklian has announced that starting next week, a whole raft of COVID-19 restrictions is scheduled to be eased – one of which will allow NSW nightclubs to finally reopen their doors. So fire up the group chat and round up the lads, this is going to be a certified barn burner.

NSW nightclubs will operate in the same limited capacity as NSW gyms: one person per four square metres with a maximum of 50 at any given indoor dancefloor. Eventually, four square metres will become two, before (hopefully) returning to complete normalcy within the next few months. In the meantime, however, the reduced two square-metre rule will only be enjoyed by every other type of venue.

“We’re deeply grateful that since the beginning of the pandemic, the community has taken our advice,” says Premier Berejiklian.

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“I’m pleased that because of that, we are in the strong position we are today and from Monday, life will be more different in NSW.”

Other landmark changes include the following:

  • Standing outdoors will be allowed at hospitality venues (but not indoors)
  • Up to 5,000 people will be allowed to attend outdoor ticketed events
  • Up to 100 people will be allowed to attend outdoor gatherings like picnics
  • No limit on people allowed to attend weddings & funerals
  • Stadiums and outdoor theatres will be back to 100% capacity
  • Indoor theatres will be allowed to have up to 75% capacity

Mark out December 7th on your calendars, New South Welshman. Because we’re back and we’re not going home.

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