Incredible Pictures Show The Worst Flood To Hit Venice In A Decade

When you think of Venice, water is one of the first things that comes to mind. Usually, that water comprises a beautiful canal system with bright gondolas floating atop, ready to blissfully transport tourists from one island to another. 

This week, however, was a little different. An exceptionally high tide has inundated Venice, raising water levels in the canals and putting three-quarters of the famous Italian city underwater. The storm has not only brought with it a rising tide and harsh winds, unfortunately, but also a rise in death toll. 

All recorded deaths have been caused by the wind, with six people dead in four separate incidents across the country in Naples, Lazio and Liguria, after gale-force gusts blew down crushing trees.

The power of nature aside, it can also provide some pretty rare and beautiful sights that few are likely to see in their lifetime. Here are some incredible pictures that show the Venetian city transformed by the heavy floods. The flood waters are now beginning to recede as the tide is drawn back into the ocean.

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