20 Characteristics That Women Find Attractive In The Perfect Man

It’s one of the key conundrums men constantly find themselves questioning – what do women really want?

No one will ever have all the answers, and those answers will differ from woman to woman, but an online survey of 1,000 of them conducted by Princeton, New Jersey’s Opinion Research Corporation, can confirm 20 key characteristics that reign true for the majority.

The key learning is that personality trumps physical attractiveness every time, and it’s not even a close race – it’s a landslide.

According to Men’s Health, only 13 percent of women in the study said that being muscular is important for physical attractiveness, whereas a whopping 66 percent said that a man’s moral integrity will “make them quiver.” Yeah, quivering is a good thing fellas.

In no particular order and grouped by category, here are 20 characteristics that women find attractive in the perfect man, of which only four are physical.

Character Traits

Faithfulness, dependability, kindness (67 percent of women said they find this attractive), moral integrity, and fatherliness (defined as the desire to be a dad, as well as the patience and care necessary to bring up children).

Personality Traits

Sense of humour, intelligence, passion (not the sexual kind, but an active enthusiasm in the pursuit of an interest or hobby), confidence and generosity.

Practical Skills

Listening (53 percent), romancing, being good in bed, cooking and cleaning, earning potential.

Physical Attributes

Sense of style, handsomeness, height, muscular build (13 percent), fitness (only 12 percent)

If you’re thinking holy shit, how are we supposed to balance all of these things? That’s a completely fair question, and the answer is to just be cool. Not cool in the same way as you thought you were in high school for smuggling a six pack of Corona’s into your mate’s 16th birthday party. But cool in the sense that you’re in control.

Men’s Health coined it as cool in the ‘attitudinal sense’. You know what you want, you can balance your emotions and you’re astutely self-aware. Nail these things and you’ll come to know which of the 20 characteristics above you need to improve on, and the attractiveness will naturally follow.

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