— 21 February 2023

This New Video Game Lets You Play Jesus Freakin’ Christ

— 21 February 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Anyone walking around with a God complex will be pleased to hear about the arrival of the first-person Messiah simulator: I Am Jesus Christ.

Coming soon to Microsoft Windows via Steam, this hilarious blend of Skyrim and, well, The Bible has been brought to life by the Warsaw-based SimulaM and published by PlayWay S.A. and will let players live out a version of the New Testament across 10 epic and quasi-spiritual hours of gameplay.

“Walk in the footsteps of Jesus in this incredible first-person retelling of the story of Christ from birth to resurrection,” reads the official description.

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i am jesus christ

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“Perform amazing miracles, interact with a cast of biblical figures, and travel around the Holy Land from Jerusalem to the Galilee. Become the Messiah in I Am Jesus Christ.”

It’s unclear whether you’ll be able to play as alternate characters. But given what the good book outlines, even if we’re restricted to Jesus Christ, technically, we’ll also be embodying the Lord himself as well as the Holy Spirit. Gotta love some bonus content. And in the event the objective is unclear, simply ask: “What would Jesus do?”

A release date has not yet been set for I Am Jesus Christ, but it’s expected to hit the proverbial shelves sometime in the coming months of 2023 (yes we’re now non-ironically waiting for Christ’s digital return) – check out trailer above.

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