Go All In At Poker Night With Louis Vuitton’s $242,000 Casino Trunk

Louis Vuitton Casino Trunk 1

There’s nothing quite like having the perfect poker setup for a night of cards, and Louis Vuitton has come to the party with one of the most complete kits in the game. While it comes with an eye-watering price tag, the Louis Vuitton Casino Trunk has everything you might need for an evening of boisterous bluffing as your rinse your mates wallets.

With the history that Louis Vuitton has as one of the world’s finest trunk makers, it only makes sense that the Casino Trunk would be finished with the luxurious detailing that the French luxury house is so famous for. Standing 1.1 metres tall, with square width and depth measurements, the trunk features Louis Vuitton’s iconic monogram coated canvas, natural cowhide leather trim, and finely crafted brass hardware.

Once you open the veritable cornucopia of gaming goodies, you’ll find an expertly crafted red microfibre lining across all surfaces, with a total of 13 different drawers and a removable suitcase for your next boardroom business meeting. The drawers themselves are filled with all of the gambling accessories you need to play all of the best games on any casino floor, including card mats for poker, blackjack, and even roulette.

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The roulette wheel tucks neatly into the topmost section of the hard-sided trunk, easy to remove for a quick spin. In total, the monster gaming set includes the following:

  • Poker carpet
  • Blackjack carpet
  • Roulette carpet
  • Rake
  • Roulette
  • Removable suitcase
  • Card dispenser
  • Gold-color press card
  • Gold-color dolly
  • Gold-color dealer
  • 5 gold-color dice
  • 240 blue poker chips
  • 340 red poker chips
  • 155 green poker chips
  • 125 brown poker chips
  • 370 gray poker chips
  • 30 yellow poker chips
  • 40 purple poker chips
  • Blue poker card deck
  • Red poker card deck
  • Blue bridge card deck
  • Red bridge card deck
  • Yellow bridge card deck
  • 2 mammoth ivory balls

The Louis Vuitton Casino Trunk arrives with an RRP of $242,000 and is only available at selected Louis Vuitton boutiques or via Client Services.

louis vuitton casino trunk monogram canvas travel M13514 PM1 Interior view
louis vuitton casino trunk monogram canvas travel M13514 PM1 Side view
louis vuitton casino trunk monogram canvas travel M13514 PM2 Front view