— Updated on 18 April 2023

‘MindsEye,’ A PC Game From An Ex-Rockstar Producer, Looks Like ‘Grand Theft Auto’

— Updated on 18 April 2023
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

While the wait for Grand Theft Auto 6 seems like one massive slow-burn, it’s looking like gamers itching to dip back into an open world of gang culture, cars and crime should turn their attention toward MindsEye.

Build A Rock Boy, a game development studio founded by former Rockstar and GTA producer Leslie Benzies, is polishing off a new PC game called MindsEye for release later this year. If the trailer is anything to go by, it’s looking like the action-adventure game borrows ideas from Grand Theft Auto, framed by a high-octane story about “futuristic corporations, conspiracy theories and sinister new technologies.”

Benzies, who left Rockstar North in 2016 and went on to sue the studio for US$150 million in royalties, claims Build A Rock Boy was “not trying to make a normal game.”

MindsEye is being conceived as a “whole new world for gamers” where anyone can play, watch, share, create and hang out on a digital platform called Everywhere. That makes it sound like some sort of hybrid between Grand Theft Auto and Second Life but the teaser trailer seems to lean towards the former as MindsEye acts as some sort of game-within-a-game.

The overarching platform for MindsEye, Everywhere, is more a “community-driven platform” for PC gamers. It’s a fairly new concept for gaming so little is known about the project but the official website is now accepting signups. MindsEye looks to be a playable title within Everywhere, giving off some pretty major GTA vibes blended with some Mafia and Cyberpunk for good measure.

So far, no other games have been confirmed for Everywhere but if the platform does indeed take off then we could be seeing a massive change in how PC gamers and developers interact with content moving forward. According to NME, Everywhere also includes various editing tools so developers (or anyone with the know-how) can make a game like MindsEye and publish it on the platform.

Considering the above, MindsEye seems like it’ll serve as a proof of concept for Everywhere, which is also helmed by Build A Rock Boy. And seeing as one of the head honchos responsible for bringing us Grand Theft Auto is behind it, consider our interest officially perked.

Watch the first MindsEye teaser trailer above. We’ll update this article once the full trailer is released.

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