5 Of The Best Wordle Alternatives To Help Kill Some Time
— 5 April 2022

5 Of The Best Wordle Alternatives To Help Kill Some Time

— 5 April 2022

Ever since The New York Times bought Wordle back in February, there seems to be this growing sentiment that the publication has ruined the game by making the words too difficult. The jury is out on whether this is the case (That being said… ‘EPOXY’? Who are we kidding here?). But if you’re looking to move on from the iconic game there are a bunch of Wordle alternatives around the web.

That’s right. Someone out there on the internet has probably applied the daily guessing format of Wordle to different versions around whatever you happen to be interested in. Do you like AFL? Try Worpel. Do you like the NBA? You actually have your choice of either Poeltl or Larry Birdle. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

That being said, not all of these games are worth your while. Here at Boss Hunting, we’ve spared you the time and collected the 5 best Wordle alternatives that you actually might want to check out.


This is one about mathematics… If you’re into that.

Nerdle might be the most challenging of any of the options on this list, with no clear method of how to actually do it. You can use 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 + – * / or =, with each guess forming a calculation. If you have the time (and absolutely zero mates) this one is for you.


This is a version of Wordle for anyone with a passion for music. You listen to a short snippet of a song and try to guess it, with each wrong answer offering you a bit more of the song until you get it.

If you are more into movies, there is also one called Framed, which shows you a different frame of a film until you guess it right. Neither of these really involve any kind of puzzle-solving like the others on this list but are still a bit of fun.


This one is for that bloke that knew every capital city in the world growing up. It’s a super simple premise: you get given a silhouette of a country in the world and, after every incorrect guess, it tells you how many kilometres away the answer is, as well as the direction it is in.


You don’t think that The New York Times made Wordle hard enough? In that case, Dordle functions exactly the same as Wordle, but at the end of five guesses, you need to have produced two words instead of just one. If you also find that too easy – as I guess someone out there must have – there is also Quordle, where you must guess four words.

Also worth mentioning here is Antiwordle, in which the objective is to avoid guessing the word of the day. It’s surprisingly a bit harder than it sounds.


Lewdle is a version of Wordle that consists of exclusively NSFW answers every day. They weren’t the only people to come up with this exact idea, as you can also find a version of this premise called Sweardle, but Lewdle is probably the better-executed version of the two.

You might think that this is somewhat limiting given there are only so many swear words you can think of. Apparently, this isn’t an issue. When you factor in all of the different variations of the same curse words, I suppose you get enough suggestions to warrant a daily guessing game.

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