— 29 September 2023

Netflix’s New Action-Comedy Is ‘The Hangover’ Meets Seal Team 6

— 29 September 2023
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

As much as I loved The Hangover, a couple of gunfights could have easily upped the stakes — a point of correction that Netflix’s new series Obliterated seeks to make in its recent trailer. From the creators of Cobra Kai, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, the upcoming comedy asks the question, “what would happen if you tried to disarm a nuclear weapon while shitfaced?”

It’s easy to forget — when folks like Jocko Willink tell you to get out of bed at 4:30 AM — but elite members of the special forces are people too. They like to party as much as the rest of us, but when a team of operatives save Las Vegas from doom, the last thing they expect is that they’ll need to do it all again — just as they’re celebrating their assumed success.

Obliterated enjoys a solid cast that includes stars Nick Zano (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) alongside Shelley Hennig (Teen Wolf), as well as C. Thomas Howell, Kimi Rutledge, and Paola Lazaro. The bomb they believe has been disarmed turns out to be fake, meaning the team needs to regroup and try to save Las Vegas all over again. Chaos ensues.

Obliterated Trailer Netflix

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“The entire city of Las Vegas will be obliterated unless our team can find and deactivate the nuclear device,” says Schlossberg in an interview. “There is only a short window of time to find the bomb, and as the clock ticks our team must overcome deadly forces working against them… as well as overcome the massive amounts of alcohol and other substances that are in their system.”

“Even if you’re the so-called best of the best, you’re gonna be way up against it if called back into action with a system full of liquor and drugs,” Heald echoed. “Our team deals with every conceivable self-imposed obstacle as a result of accidentally partying before the mission is over… It’s way more difficult when contending with blurred vision, poor brain processing, decreased coordination, nausea, hunger, thirst, and bladder control.”

If it sounds like a season of silliness, that’s likely to be exactly what we’re going to get, but it’ll be a fun ride nonetheless. Obliterated will stream on Netflix on November 30, so make sure you check out the trailer above.

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