4 Golden Rules For Sleep From Jeff Bezos

4 Golden Rules For Sleep From Jeff Bezos

There are a thousand lessons to be learned from Jeff Bezos. Lessons hard earned from years of being a self made man and building a multi-billion dollar company like Amazon from scratch. As it so happens, some of those lessons concern the sweet, cherished nectar of sleep. You know, that thing you and I (probably) don’t get enough of due to poor prioritisation and planning. 

Here are four golden rules regarding sleep as per the Amazon CEO:

Never schedule early morning circumstances under any circumstance. 

Do not compromise your rest cycle for something that can probably be addressed via a passive aggressive e-mail. Granted, not all of us are CEOs like J. Bezos with the power to dictate such affairs, but the point stands. Soak up them REM cycles and uh, other… sleep cycles (I didn’t do my research). Fun fact though, falling asleep and maintaining said sleep gets harder as you age. So there’s a justification for telling Carol from HR to wait until midday. 

Cutting into your hours of sleep for work only creates the illusion of productivity.

We’ve all been there. A midnight cram session before heading into an exam the next day for a class you never turned up to the entire semester. It happens. And we think it’s a practice proven in the field of procrastination… Apparently not. According to old mate science, you’re better off calling it an early one, and doing it the next day. As fatigue sets in, your mind will work less efficiently, and the quality of the output will be close to shite. Pick your battles, I guess. 

Get those eight hours at all cost.

This one is much easier said than done. The much coveted “healthy” amount of sleep often sacrificed for nothing good. Get the hours and reap the benefits all the live long day.

Keep a sleeping bag at your work place. 

Yes. Seriously. Again, this might be frowned upon unless you’re a CEO. Like Jeff Bezos. And prove to be an OHS issue (where my tradies at?). That being said, short naps are beneficial throughout the day. Science says so. But try sliding that one by your boss.