The Service That’ll Notify You Every Time Elon Musk Tweets About A Stock

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When Kanye West crafted the line, “No one man should have all that power“… he was apparently referring to Founder & CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, elite-level meme lord – Elon Musk – influencing financial markets with nothing more than his Twitter account and 42 million-plus disciples. It’s the kind of influence one can actually profit from with the right timing and a little gumption, as the world has learned; which is why the enterprising folks over at Bad Unicorn have gone ahead and developed a service that will notify you via email + text every time Elon Musk inadvertently or directly tweets about stocks.

In recent times, here’s what the mad lad has caused after dropping a few characters/posting the odd chuckle-worthy snapshot in chronological order:

  • After tweeting “One word: Doge”, Dogecoin‘s price increased by +40%; keep in mind this was back in December of 2020, prior to the latest feverish development… which he also communicated support using a photoshopped cover of Vogue which read “Dogue”, and featured a reference to yet another tongue-in-cheek, market-swaying tweet regarding Etsy (see below).

  • After tweeting “Use Signal” in support of the encrypted messaging app over WhatsApp, Signal Advance (OTCMKTS: SIGL) saw near-mythical gains of +11,708% in just a matter of days (+885% on a single trading session alone). The only problem was it had absolutely nothing to do with the messaging app.

  • After tweeting “I kinda love Etsy” followed by a follow-up tweet mentioning he bought a wool Marvin the Martian helmet for his dog, the Etsy (NASDAQ: ETSY) soared by nearly +10% in premarket trading.
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  • After tweeting “Gamestonk” accompanied by a link to subreddit r/WallStreetBets, the then-heavily favoured GameStop (NYSE: GME) proceeded to climb +157%.

  • After changing his Twitter bio to #bitcoin, the cryptocurrency’s price rallied by +20%.

  • Finally, after tweeting “With Cyberpunk, even the hotfixes literally have hotfixes, but… great game”, despite the major backlash against both developer CD Projekt Red and its stock price (WSE: CDR), there was still a +12% bump to be experienced.

Bad Unicorn’s forthcoming ‘Elon Stocks’ service will be priced at just US$1 a week with the first three notifications sent for free.

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