BetterUp: Prince Harry Takes Chief Impact Officer Role At Silicon Valley
— 24 March 2021

BetterUp: Prince Harry Takes Chief Impact Officer Role At Silicon Valley

— 24 March 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

With plenty of free time on his hands after stepping away from the British royal family, nixing all those honorific duties, and absconding to California with wife Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has now joined Silicon Valley startup – BetterUp – as Chief Impact Officer. Because let’s face it… there’s only so much time in the day you want to spend with James Corden (if any at all).

The Duke of Sussex will serve as an executive to the company behind a coaching and mental health services platform founded in San Francisco circa 2013. Since then, BetterUp has established a considerable network of over 2,000 coaches, served over 100,000 clients / members from organisations such as NASA, Snapchat, and Warner Media – as well as having achieved a valuation of US$1.73 billion (AU$2.27 billion) following a recent US$125 million (AU$165 million) investment round.

“I firmly believe that focusing on and prioritising our mental fitness unlocks potential and opportunity that we never knew we had inside of us,” Harry states in the BetterUp announcement post.

“As the Royal Marine Commandos say, ‘It’s a state of mind.’ We all have it in us.”

Prince Harry Chief Impact Officer Silicon Valley Startup BetterUp

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“During my decade in the military, I learned that we don’t just need to build physical resilience, but also mental resilience. And in the years since, my understanding of what resilience means – and how we can build it – has been shaped by the thousands of people and experts I’ve been fortunate to meet and learn from.”  

Prince Harry’s new duties as Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp will apparently encompass the following:

  • Driving advocacy and awareness for mental fitness
    “We can and will elevate the global conversation around our mental health. What we’re doing is about equipping people to thrive. Whether you’re performing at the highest level, or want to get to the next level, or just want to get started, it’s all about having the specialised resources, preparation, and human connection to back you up — whatever the challenge.”

  • Guiding BetterUp’s social mission and impact 
    “To bring the science of peak performance and human potential into the hands of people worldwide.”

  • Influencing the vision of BetterUp’s platform, community, and member experience
    “I’m excited to help shape their already extensive library with content and resources on mental fitness and to share new stories and voices. To start, I’ve invited BetterUp to work with ‘Peak State: Mental Fitness’, a platform I helped establish which provides practical online tools to enhance our mental fitness.”

  • Expanding BetterUp’s global community 
    “Of thought leadership, coaches, customers, and members through outreach and strategic planning.”

According to Wall Street Journal, BetterUp have declined to comment on how much Prince Harry would be paid. But we can only imagine he’s being compensated with a very decent salary.

Prince Harry Chief Impact Officer Silicon Valley Startup BetterUp

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