‘Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry’s Stock Portfolio Is Bullish On China
— 25 May 2023

‘Big Short’ Investor Michael Burry’s Stock Portfolio Is Bullish On China

— 25 May 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Scion Asset Management founder and renowned investor of The Big Short fame – Dr Michael Burry – has provided some insight regarding where his head’s at with the online circulation of his current stock portfolio.

The recent breakdown of the companies he’s going long on, revealed by his hedge fund’s Form 13F regulatory filings, indicates the man famously portrayed by Christian Bale in Adam McKay’s Academy Award-winning adaptation has allocated over 20% of said portfolio to just two major China tech giants:

  • JD.com (NASDAQ: JD)
  • Alibaba (NYSE: BABA)

This comes at a time when JD.com’s share price is scraping towards all-time lows, while Jack Ma’s Alibaba isn’t too far behind. Meaning Burry must believe the ecommerce specialists are due for a rally – despite the fact that gains Chinese stocks have achieved throughout 2023 have almost been entirely wiped from the board as “headwinds intensify.”

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This comes months after Burry sounded the alarm in classic fashion with yet another completely unambiguous warning: “Sell.”

As per his modus operandi, the message was communicated via tweet shortly before he deactivated his Twitter account @cassandra – a reference to the priestess in Greek mythology cursed to share true prophecies but never to be believed – for the umpteenth time.

And as some of you may recall back in December, after dumping the entirety of his portfolio to load up on a single stock, Burry had predicted that the world was in for an “extended multi-year recession.”

Check out Michael Burry’s portfolio below, and to keep track of what the good doctor/permabear is doing, head over to @burrytracker on Instagram.

Michael Burry Portfolio (Scion Asset Management Holdings)

CompanyPortfolio %Shares OwnedValue (Million)Change in SharesAverage Buy PriceDate
JDJd.com Inc10.26%250,000$10.97233.33% (+175K)$50.97 (-33.5%)2023-03-31
BABAAlibaba Group Hldg Ltd9.56%100,000$10.22100% (+50K)$89.59 (-9.4%)2023-03-31
SIGSignet Jewelers Limited9.09%125,000$9.72NEW (+125K)$72.89 (-2.6%)2023-03-31
NYCBNew York Community Bancorp Inc7.19%850,000$7.68NEW (+850K)$8.82 (+19.7%)2023-03-31
ZMZoom Video Communications In6.90%100,000$7.38NEW (+100K)$70.79 (-11.5%)2023-03-31
COFCapital One Financial Corp6.74%75,000$7.21NEW (+75K)$94.56 (+5.2%)2023-03-31
SBSWSibanye Stillwater Ltd6.22%800,000$6.66NEW (+800K)$9.49 (-21.5%)2023-03-31
LILAKLiberty Latin America Ltd6.18%800,000$6.61NEW (+800K)$7.93 (-3.2%)2023-03-31
CIThe Cigna Group5.97%25,000$6.39NEW (+25K)$293.43 (-14.9%)2023-03-31
COHRCoherent Corp4.45%125,000$4.76 -16.67% (-25K)$34.98 (-12.1%)2023-03-31
WFCWells Fargo Co New4.37%125,000$4.67NEW (+125K)$39.34 (+3.9%)2023-03-31
WALWestern Alliance Bancorp4.15%125,000$4.44NEW (+125K)$47.55 (-23.6%)2023-03-31
CTRACoterra Energy Inc3.44%150,000$3.68NEW (+150K)$24.56 (+3.9%)2023-03-31
GEOGeo Group Inc New2.95%400,000$3.16-62.38% (-663.13K)$7.02 (+15.2%)2023-03-31
NOVNov Inc2.49%143,590$2.66NEW (+143.59K)$19.7 (-20.7%)2023-03-31
DVNDevon Energy Corp New2.29%48,300$2.44NEW (+48.30K)$56.06 (-11.4%)2023-03-31
PACWPacWest Bancorp Del2.28%250,000$2.43NEW (+250K)$15.33 (-53.0%)2023-03-31
FRCFirst Republic Bank San Francisco1.96%150,000$2.10NEW (+150K)$26.37 (-86.7%)2023-03-31
HBANHuntington Bancshares Inc1.94%184,900$2.07NEW (+184.90K)$12.65 (-18.1%)2023-03-31
REALRealReal Inc0.81%684,440$0.862NEW (+684.44K)$1.26 (+8.7%)2023-03-31
OVVOvintiv Inc0.76%22,500$0.812NEW (+22.50K)$43.4 (-16.5%)2023-03-31
WWWWolverine World Wide Inc0.00%0$0-100% (-356.10K)$13.16 (+8.4%)2023-03-31
SKYWSkywest Inc0.00%0$0-100% (-125K)$16.39 (+74.6%)2023-03-31
QRTEAQurate Retail Inc0.00%0$0-100% (-1.50M)$2.44 (-63.9%)2023-03-31
MGMMgm Resorts International0.00%0$0-100% (-100K)$31.63 (+25.9%)2023-03-31
BKIBlack Knight Inc0.00%0$0-100% (-150K)$63.24 (-12.9%)2023-03-31

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