7 Subtle Changes To Become A Better Version Of Yourself
— Updated on 14 June 2021

7 Subtle Changes To Become A Better Version Of Yourself

— Updated on 14 June 2021
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

Taking control and living better doesn’t require a massive overhaul of your existing life. In fact, sometimes all it takes is a few subtle tweaks. Subtle; much like Moncler’s latest Fragment capsule collection launching this week. One of the first releases from their Genius range, which features unique drops from 8 different guest designers, Fragment brings forth the theme of subcultural subtleness. 

The capsule’s designer Hiroshi Fujiwara puts the Moncler DNA at the forefront whilst using minor tweaks to keep within his own
eclectic parameters. A modern-day cultural agitator in his birthplace of Japan, Fujiwara pushes the boundaries of creativity and his passion for music, infusing them into Fragment’s iconic designs to give them a refreshing twist.  

Point of fact, the tenets of personal growth and lifestyle improvement can actually be found within the values of such a capsule collection. So here are seven small changes to help you become the best version of yourself possible, accompanied by items from Fragment… 

Start your day by appreciating the rhythm of existence

Go for a run. Watch the sunset. Put on some lo-fi music. The foundation of being a well-functioning person essentially boils down to pulling back from the macro, and focusing on the basic units of life. Learn to enjoy the smaller things and build a mindful appreciation for the colliding results of sheer statistics all around you. Build a mindful appreciation for the story each item may hold in its journey to encountering you. From the germination process of a seedling to that apple in your hand, to the endless nights of structural design that brought you that shoes. How did they both end up in your possession? This is chance, this is symmetry.  

Be unique, be authentic

Instil the discipline to say “no” every once in a while. No to conformity. No to blindly following a trend. No to temptation. Temptation such as following an easier route. Find the courage to strike out on your own. Find the initiative to forge your own style. And as you let those three walls crumble, you’ll find yourself remembering who you are and what you stand for once again. Authenticity of the self tends to be intuitive. It gently takes the reins of your person when you surrender to it, and steers the carriage towards brighter days. 

Learn to speak without words

Stop participating in conversations for the sole purpose of sounding off your opinions, and start learn to engage in the general repartee non-verbally. It’s in your body language. It’s in your attitude. It comes down to how you communicate your emotions. It comes down to how you dress. Make a statement with your sartorial choices. Something that says style + substance. Take a backseat in the exchange. You’ll also find that you yourself are getting more out of said conversations when some verbal oxygen is provided to the other parties involved. Bonus, you’ll soon be known as the person who’s a great listener. 

Functionality comes first

Whether we care to admit it, appearances are important. But we often sacrifice the necessary working cogs in our life for the aesthetic alone. Don’t be mistaken. Functionality should always come first when possible. And then there are sometimes when a compromise isn’t even required. 

Innovation should be the end game

If you’re not innovating, if you’re not improving, then what’s the point? At that stage, you’re pretty much dead. Don’t let yourself become another circumstantial mass of carbon that lays about for X amount of years idle. Shake it up, both literally and metaphorically in the cosmic sense. Change up the formula. Make some noise, turn some heads. Seek out the new. Seek out the improved. Seek out Moncler.

Find the delicate balance in all things

This life is all but a walk across a length of wire. Fifty feet off the ground with winds sweeping your toes. The key to making it across unscathed is, and has always been, balance. What is known as existing between the extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification in Buddhism. Allowing the opposing duality to co-exist. Graceful yet durable. Accomplished yet understated. Designed with complexity yet worn with simplicity. 

Upgrade your outfit with Moncler Genius’ Fragment capsule

There’s nothing like a nice looking outfit to give you the zeal to seize the day. And if you’re looking for an outfit upgrade, why not go to the top of the hierarchy with a Moncler number? A Moncler number that embodies all you have just read. Authenticity. Innovation. Functionality. The necessary delicate balance. Remaining singular to the touch. Subtle. Ever so subtle…

… and just in time for the settling winter chill here in the East coast.

Moncler Fragment launches on the 14th of June. 

For your nearest stockist call (03) 9564 7581. 


Presented in Partnership with Moncler

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