Jose Cuervo Is Now Hiring A Chief Margarita Officer

Jose Cuervo Chief Margarita Officer CMO

As the ongoing pandemic forces us to re-evaluate our priorities, career changes have been plentiful in the past eighteen generation-defining months. And if after all we’ve been through, you’re still staring down the barrel of a soul-sucking 9-to-5 for the next decade or so… why not consider becoming the new Jose Cuervo Chief Margarita Officer (CMO)?

“Tired of celebs ruining tequila?” reads the brand’s official call-out posted on Twitter (obviously taking shots at the likes of George Clooney).

“We’re giving the power back to the people… Join our Tequila Cabinet of real spirit drinkers.”

While the role is strictly honoruary – meaning you shouldn’t quit your salary-paying day job just yet – the perks are very real. In exchange for weighing in on future cocktail recipes to be published on the Jose Cuervo website with your much-needed expertise, officers of the Jose Cuervo Tequila Cabinet will receive a “company card” to access their US$1,000 allowance for tequila, tequila cocktails, and tequila ingredients.

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Additionally, there’s an all-expenses paid “business trip” to Tequila, Mexico for the inaugural Jose Cuervo Tequila Cabinet meeting. This will involve each and every cabinet member visiting La Rojeña – the oldest active distillery in Latin America where Jose Cuervo is produced – experience agave harvesting by expert farmers, obviously sampling the gods’ nectar, and plenty more thematically-similar activities.

Other currently vacant positions in the Jose Cuervo Tequila Cabinet apart from Chief Margarita Officer include the following:

  • Chief Paloma Officer (CPO)
  • Chief Tequila Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Tequila Sunrise Officer (CTSO)
  • Chief Bloody Maria Officer (CBMO)

Applications close by July 6th – winners will be announced and contacted by the month’s end. Unfortunately, this all appears to be US residents only. But if it’s the dream gig, you’d do anything for it… right?

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