Discord Turns Down Over $10 Billion From Microsoft

discord microsoft $10 billion

Exuding weapons-grade levels of big dick energy, communication platform Discord has told Microsoft to jog on by dismissing an acquisition deal reportedly valued at over US$10 billion (AU$12.9 billion).

This development comes after months of “advanced” courtship from the tech giant founded by Bill Gates, alongside other well-known suitors such as Amazon and Epic Games. Opting to remain independent, Discord is now reportedly considering a public listing – which many believe has been heralded by the hiring of Pintrest executive Tomasz Marcinkowski as Chief Financial Officer.

According to the company itself, Discord has managed to double its monthly users last year to approximately 140 million thanks to the ongoing pandemic; as well as having generated an impressive US$130 million (AU$168 million) in revenue, compared to the US$45 million (AU$58 million) seen during the year prior. Despite all this, however, the Wall Street Journal has confirmed the operation still isn’t profitable.

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Why exactly is Microsoft so keen on Discord? As indicated by The Verge, it has everything to do with the latter’s role as a “home for online communities.” In contrast, although it has recently opened Teams for personal use, outside of Xbox, the former is lacking the same major consumer-facing offering. And let’s be honest… who uses Skype anymore?

If $10 billion is what they’re willing to walk away from without hesitation, just imagine how much higher an IPO could potentially soar.

At the time of this writing, Discord has a US$7 billion (AU$9 billion) valuation.

discord microsoft $10 billion