Here Are The Requirements To Become Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard

Here Are The Requirements To Become Floyd Mayweather’s Bodyguard

You’d think one of the greatest boxers in the modern era – such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. – would be the last person who needs a bodyguard. But like many high-profile figures, it’s about liability as much as it is about protection. In other words, when the shit hits the fan, the high-profile whoever doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit; someone else needs to take the fall. In any case – what does it take to become an official Floyd Mayweather bodyguard?

While there isn’t exactly an official job outline or SEEK listing we can refer to, here’s everything the internet knows about the supposed requirements of being Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard.

Secure the bag

Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard

Mayweather earned the name “Money” for a reason – and it isn’t solely because of his career as a PPV rainmaker, either. The man has been known to carry sacks of money on his person. Anywhere between US$60,000 to US$1 million in a duffel bag for those more spirited nights.

A credit card would surely be more convenient, not to mention more responsible. But I don’t think his bodyguards would be that keen to pipe up, given part of their duties involves being comfortable with protecting money the currency in addition to Money the person.

Larger than life

Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard

While I don’t think LinkedIn asks for your height during profile creation – nor do I think it’s legal to ask by current hiring standards – Mayweather has clearly sniffed out the burliest blokes on the block. Blokes that positively dwarf him in size. Which stands to reason, given the only people who are probably capable of protecting someone as skilled as Mayweather in unarmed combat are living giants.

The largest of the crew is one Alfonso “Big Church” Redick at 7 ft tall and brings the total group weight to 1,470 pounds. The caveat here is that you can’t just be huge for huge sake. Mayweather apparently requires all members of this intimidating entourage to stay active and stay fit. Why? For the next requirement, of course…

Be ready to throw down

A bodyguard needs to be able to defend their client. No shockers there. What is strange, however, is the way Mayweather chooses to “activate” said bodyguards. Or rather, the code words he has designated to mean, “Fuck this dude up”. With fists, bats, clubs, etc.

The first one is pretty standard, though more commonly used for attack dogs – Sick ’em. While the second one is just delightful to hear, especially with the mental image of a fully grown Floyd Mayweather clad in pyjama onesie, watching cartoons with a bowl of cereal – Form Voltron. What’s less delightful is being on the receiving end, as Conor McGregor will tell you.

Travel with the King

Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard

Again, this is another pretty standard requirement. What’s not so standard is how this is executed in the air. Given the weight limit of certain private jet models, Mayweather has purchased two separate aircrafts. One for himself. And one for his bodyguards. I, nor anyone else online, has anything to add here. The comedy writes itself.

Above & beyond?

We’ve all heard the term “going beyond the job description”. In this case, “going beyond the job description” for a Mayweather bodyguard involves being an all-round personal assistant. That means picking up the dry cleaning, picking up the new whip, wiping the sweat off his brow – no, really – fetching some grub at whatever ungodly hour hunger strikes, and making him a cup of coffee. Just don’t screw up making said cup of coffee, or risk becoming the “Court Jester” – the nominated member of the entourage who ends up being the butt of every subsequent joke until further notice.


Floyd Mayweather Bodyguard

For all that Money Mayweather demands of his bodyguards, to nobody’s surprise, they are reportedly very well compensated. On top of all the on-the-go expenses being covered, a Floyd Mayweather bodyguard apparently earns a six-figure salary – approximately US$150,000. That doesn’t include bonuses, either. Documented on both social media and otherwise, a Mayweather bodyguard has also been known to take home the occasional Rolex and set of wheels.

Not bhed.